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Should be on day 4...but I slipped

Doesn't even matter the reason, I slipped last night and had a cigarette

around my 4 day marker. Now I am just PRAYING that by having one, it won't

put me through the hell I have gone through these last few days! The thing

about it is, is that the one cigarette didn't even give me what I was looking

for! I was disappointed actually! And now this morning I feel like crap! The

thought of a cigarette just makes me sick to my stomach! But anyways, I am

going to start day 1 again today and I am going to remember what the "slip" did to me!

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Hang in the wsmith...and it'll eventually work through. But you gotta work at it too.

Do you know the reasons why you took the smoke? Try to evaluate why you felt compelled to smoke and hopefully you can use that info to strenghthen your resolve.

Read, read, read.

Keep on keepin' on,



Oh no.

Right that is in the past, done with, finished.

You are doing the right thing by jumping straight back in, hopefully that blip will spur you on in this your FINAL quit.

Keep reading the links in the sigs, and remember what your trigger was and avoid it for a while at least.

Good luck and keep posting.


Hi Wsmith

Sorry to hear about your slip but it may be a blessing in disguise.Coming so early in your quit at least your only going back a few days and it has shown you that cigarettes are no good for us.

The best of luck with your new quit Wsmith.

Thanks be to God.


Oh dear. Never mind. Forget it in the big scheme, but don't forget it if you're tempted again - remember how bad it made you feel. Just think that for a five minute hit, you're now beating yourself up and wish you hadn't.

Next time you're tempted remember how little satisfaction it gave you as opposed to how bad it made you feel to have one.

Now, get back on that horse and I'm sure you'll do it this time. You have the right attitude and you now know what *not* to do as well as what to do.

Keep at it - you can do it. We're all with you.



Just you get right back on this quit case. One positive is that you'll have learnt something from your blip. You CAN and WILL do it.


Don't give up just carry on. try and put the one ciggie out of your mind and move on from it. I failed on Day 2 last week and started again on Monday and am on Day 4 today, granted I have really fancied one this evening, but I'm not going to give in. We have to learn to hate them.

Please just carry on, don't buy any and keep in your mind that the ciggie wasn't very nice, it was the same for me on the Day 2, and if anything it can be quite depressing.

Good luck and PM me if I can be of any help.



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