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I slipped down the slippery slope!

Well had 21 days up and went away on my own for a few days and bought some cigs. Anyway I threw them out today, man they tasted bad and my wheeze came back strait away. I stopped taking the champix bout 6 days ago as I couldnt sleep but then I started to get really angry and eventually busted.

Any advice? Feel so sick today I wont smoke but tomorrow? I think I will by some patches to take away the cravings. Or should I go cold turkey? Can I go back on champix? Im not sure? Any experiences would help? Obviously I still really want to quit, just slipped up for a bit! Have no intentions of smoking again!

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Hi Rachael, sorry to hear about the relapse.

As far as Champix is concerned, where you taking the full dose? If so, you could try going back on them, but keeping the dose at 2x 0.5mg per day rather than the full dose of 2x 1mg per day. You can cut the tablets up if you want to vary the dose.


Hi Rachael :)

It's good that you realised how foul they taste - how ever did we smoke them all day? And your wheeze coming back *hopefully* will reinforce your decision to quit!! Hope that's gone now you've thrown the fags away.

How you do it is up to you, the patches have been (literally when you think about it) a lifesaver to me 'cos I've got no willpower but it's really up to you how you feel about it.

You could buy some gum or lozenges and have that when you get a strong crave, go on patches or do CT if you feel up to it but the main thing is that you don't want to smoke!!

Good luck

Gemma :)


Moved to week 3 :)


Thanks guys,

Ive been cold turkey since yesterday, Im tetting really angry though and literally want to punch people out when Im driving lol! So I think Im going to get lozenges and or gum tomorrow. What ever works I guess. I was thinking about the champix as I took nearly whole course but stopped the night ones a week before I busted. I really did like the champix so it may be worth givin them a go again, but have I left it to long? Hopefuly not!


Lol Lostie I was good at my birthday party! I think its the grog Ive gotta give it the big flick! But very hard to do!


Hi there.

If the Champix helped I'd give that another go. It certainly gave me that initial push to start stopping. In fact I'd use almost anything to stay off the blummin things.

Good luck. Stay strong and don't punch anyone :) A lovely man who posted on here when I first stopped - Derek,where are you? - used imaginary forks to stab people with. You could try some of those:D xx


dont give up

Its great that you got straight back on that wagon; I have no experience of champix but Im sure you will get lots replies from experienced users. I used patches and gum for the first week or so, then CT which was really tough! The gum was great as it hit the mark straight away, and I felt better having it in my bag, even if I didnt use it!!

Best of luck!!



Hi Rachael71 - If I were you I'd just go straight onto the Champix again. From memory they seem to work almost instantly so I think your system will respond well.

Sorry you went back to smoking, but it will teach you something for the next quit. :)


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