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Please please learn from my slip up!!!!

This is my first post, I stopped smoking early in January and have found these forums really helpful along the way. Ive had cravings on and off since I quit, particularly if I get upset or down, but so far have managed to avoid the evil weed.

However today we had a meeting at work in which we were told we are very likely to get made redundant, I was so upset and went outside with 3 of my (smoking) colleagues after the meeting and cadged a fag and smoked it:mad:

I didn't particularly enjoy it (I was always a menthol girl and this was a silk cut!) but what it finally made me realise is that CIGARETTES DON'T CHANGE THE WAY YOU FEEL!!!! So whereas in the last 6 months when Ive felt upset and wanted a fag I now realise that after having one I still felt just as upset as I did before (and cross with myself for smoking) so I think Ive learned a valuable lesson.

So if you feel sad/upset/angry and want a fag DON'T DO IT!!! Because you will still feel sad/upset/angry and you will also be kicking yourself for having smoked!

Anyway back on the straight and narrow for me now

And thanks so much to all you guys who post on here - Ive found reading everyone's experiences really encouraging.


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Hi Lou,

Sometimes we have to prove to ourselves the fact that a fag does not change a single thing or feeling. We know it but still have to prove it. Lesson learnt & onwards with your quit :D

Sorry to hear about the impending redundancy, thats s**t for you. If it does happen I hope you get sorted with another job soon. Happened to me once a week after I had picked up a new car with a loan to go with it :eek: Not nice, in fact b****y horrible.

You keep on that quit & keep us updated. OK?

Gaynor x


I am so sorry to hear that you are facing possible redundancy.

you must be very bewildered and mind racing.hope you find something else you are happy with soon.

thanks for the post that told us -a cig wont change how we feel or the reality of life we are facing. soo tempting though :mad:

I need reminding of that a lot . so thank you-and good luck .:)xx


Hi Lou

Sorry to hear about your job worrys Hope things look up soon chick. Yes your right a smoke dont change one thing only makes you feel worse for lapsing. My mum inlaw passed away very suden friday night. Me having a ciggy would not have stopped her passing. Also I think she would of been really upset that I had lossed my quit. so Im really pleased you having a smoke learned you it didnt help so now you can carry on with your quit and not look back. xxxxx


Sorry to hear about your mother in law Linda. Keep strong ok.

Gaynor xxx


Thanks for all your support guys and Linda Im so sorry to hear your sad news - big hugs and well done for not lapsing onto the fags again, Im sure your mum in law would be so proud of you.

Anyway Im seeing my slip up this week as positive thing that I can learn from and move on from, every time Ive felt low or down since I quit Ive always thought "If only I could have a smoke I would feel better" at least now I won't be asking myself that question again!

As for the job, its all horrible and scary, Im on my own with a massive mortgage that I struggle with even with a well paid job, so the thought of the future is a huge worry but at least I can deal with it fag free.

Take care xxxxx


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