No Smoking Day
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Day 2

On to day two of my stop. Lunchtime now so the morning completed

managing ok at the moment aids Nicorette patch 21mg, found yesterdays patch stuck to the bed covers this morning think Ill take it of at bedtime in the evening see if I can manage overnight without it , Ive had 2 bits of 2mg gum so far today but think its helping. Forever onwards bbs


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Hi Graham :)

Well done on getting to day 2!!

I used the 21mg patches and 2mg gum at first too and it really did help!!

Would definitely recommend taking the patch off at bedtime anyway 'cos after a few weeks leaving mine on, I got enough nightmares to write horror movies for life :eek: and heck we didn't smoke in our sleep did we?

(I did if I woke up but that doesn't count)

Keep going :D


Well done, you're doing great!

I had nightmares for three nights (when I did sleep, I didn't actually get much sleep) but that was nicotine withdrawal as I didn't use patches. It seems whichever way you choose to do it there will be some sleep disruption but thankfully it doesn't last.


Well done Graham, you are doing very nicely so keep it up!:)


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