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No Smoking Day
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Newbie and im on Day 2!

Hello people,

I'm new to the forum and i am currently on Day 2 of being smokefree! Finding it quite difficult as i am going cold turkey. I'm pregnant so i have been cutting down to a point of stopping, this shall be my fourth attempt of quitting but i WILL do it and i WON'T let a cigarette control me no more. Sorry for the rant but it's good to get it off your chest, unfortunately my husband smokes (no smoking in the family home i may add!) so i will be feeling a sense of pride when i become a complete non-smoker!!

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"I will be a non-smoker"

Hello newbie I'm 46 days a non-smoker technically speaking. However I'm just smoke free for today just as much as you are. In the early days keep it in the day if necessary break it down to the hour,even the half hour or even less. Keep yourself occupied.

You may be wondering where I gathered these snippets from,firstly there not original. I learned them from my time as a member of Alcoholics Anonymous being sober some 21 years a day at a time.

Not much diffrence in how cessation works whether it be smoking/alcoholism/drug dependence they're all addictions.

So be kind to your self.




Hello Once Again Newbie congratulations on your pregnancy. Just think when you've amassed all those days being smoke free your little one will have not expeienced that horrid smell(fug) of a smokers home, as I think you mentioned that your other half doesn't smoke


Welcome to the site, congrats on the pregnancy, and GOOD DECISION.

Stick around here, this site is an enormous help. And just take it one day at a time. You have the best incentive in the world to keep going.

Helen x


I too hope you become a complete non smoker rather than an incomplete one. All the best with quitting and becoming a parent.

mash x:cool:


I'm on day 2 too...finding it pretty tough but am absolutely determined this time (I've had about 4 go's in the last year)


Congratulations on your pregnancy.

I quit cold turkey 18 days ago (after trying NRT, starting smoking again, cutting back, smoking as much as I did) and I also have the good incentive of being pregnant to keep me going.

It does get easier, honest. I can say I've found it easier this time cold turkey than I have before with NRT and cutting back etc. With that I felt I was going nowhere and it was far too easy to slip back into old habits. Cold turkey is just no nicotine and that's it.

I know I've made the best decision for the little one not here yet and the one who already is :D


Hi, I just wanted to say that I am in exactly the same position. Found out I was pregnant at the weekend and this is day two of my quit. I read Allen Carr (and bought the audio book just in case) he advocates no NRT which is helpful as I can't use them anyway! I am 29, this is the first time I have ever tried to gee up smoking and as I haven't tried to murder anyone yet so far so good. You guys help a lot though!! Anyway, god luck all. I am on here this morning to avoid my first one of the day (which used to me my favourite!) Kim x


Good luck to Sammii and Kim with your pregnancies. When I was pregnant .. many years ago lol .. one of the hardest things about being pregnant was giving up the evil weed. I was a bit wishy washy about it .. if I had been more resolute then I wouldn't be in the position of still trying to give up 20 years later.

Now you've made the fantastic decision to clean up your lungs, be strong for yourself as a mother as much as for the wee thing growing inside.

suze x



I am also on day 2 and am quiting with champix.

Dont think I could go cold turkey so I do admire your courage.

I have only been on this site for 1 week and find it very motivating. Just keep coming on the site for surpport and you will get through it, I have also found things like cinnamon stick and the cinnamon (that looks like a cigar which is used in cooking) is good to chew on, nuts in there shells by opening 4 of these and eating them takes the same amount of time has smoking a fag so every time you fancy a fag just get the nuts, sugar free lollies and chewing gum. I hope some of this helps and wish you all the very best and Im sure you will beat this.

xxx :D


Hiya, I'm on day 2 too - using champix... It's my 4th attempt to quit but this time I'm sticking to it. I don't want to have to go through all this again so instead I'm just not going to smoke ever again :)

Good luck to all of you - woohoo we did 2 days so we can do a lifetime!!!

Denise :D


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