Day 2... and the sun is shining

Hi all,

Well, 24 hours survived, now to the next 24 hours. Yesterday was surprisingly easy and I can only hope today will be the same. I did struggle with sleep last night and although I dropped off easily I woke a few times and had a really restless night.

So, pretty ok yesterday but not going to be complacent today in case naughty Nic creeps up on me :)

How's everyone else doing today?

Todays goal: Not to smoke a cigarette :)

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  • You too Debbieh! :) I think I better get some laundry on before the rain comes again! LOL

  • Thanks Max :) I shall look forward to whiffing my washing then hehehe But not my teenage son hahaa ;)

  • Morning Mrs X :)

    Many congratulations on your quit. I hope that today proves to be as easy a day as yesterday and that the sun shines on you in every way possible.

    It's lovely to meet you by the way :)

  • Thanks skiddaw! Seems to be going ok so far. Worst thing today is how much I ache from my new found gym hobby!

    Took it on as a way to lessen and weight gain and OMG I hurt soooo bad! I think the gym trainer is a sadist because I can hardly walk today! LOL

    Hope everyone is having a fabulous day! So lovely to meet you all :)

  • Welcome,

    Hope day 2 is going well for you, I too tried to beat the rain with washing and failed. Torrential here, washing sopping... not even worth rescuing it!!

  • Struggling a bit now, its after dinner which would normally be wind down time...

    I'm still stiff as a board so trying to even get upstairs takes me 10 minutes lol!!

    Another few hours and then I can go and hide in bed I guess.


  • Hot bubble bath will help with the aches and the craves, take a glass of cold water to sip. I like to think of it as sweating out the poisonous nicotine. You feel cleansed inside and out, yeah then a quick escape to bed!

  • I think that sounds like a good plan sued! :) I'm not sure if I get in the bath I will ever make it back out mind you hahahaha :p

    I'm on the edge of that big dirty city beginning with a P just up the A1 from you KK! :)

  • Aww thanks :)

    I only really go to MK for the big blue Swedish place hehehe :)

  • Aww thanks :)

    I only really go to MK for the big blue Swedish place hehehe :)

    You lucky person you! :D

    Wish we had one nearby. Our nearest is either Wembley or Southampton, both of which are a bit of a pain travel-wise. I can spend many hours happily wandering around the big blue Swedish place. OH, on the other hand, considers it his worst nightmare (apart from the meatballs :)).

  • There are 2 within about 90 mins of us hehe :) I do love it, but yes, it's not a place for hubbys hehe :)

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