day 6 and 21 hours

i forgot to put on a patch today, and mannn im feeling the pain. ive just gone through most emotions. anger, crying, happiness and extreme laziness.

Ive been thinking about how I could go over to see my friend and have a cheeky cigarette, but decided Ive come to far to give in now.

A normal person would probably take their medicine by now, im just being really dumb. I mean too lazy to put a patch on, but considering going to drive to the shop in the rain and stand outside with a ciggy. That is just plain stupid! and yet i still havent put the patch on lolol:rolleyes: i need a smack in the head

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  • Nearly 1 week!!

    Aww Magicbunny we've nearly got to a week go on us!!

    Now go get a patch on!!!! Why suffer and put yourself through the emotions if you know the patch will help!

    I'll be seeing you in Week 2 xx

  • Bunny

    As Mrs M says, you've almost done a week. That amazing, well done:)

    Even if you put a patch on for a few hours, it will surely help, then nice bath and cosy bed! Sorted!

    Fi x

  • made it through day 6 without a patch, so now its day 7 and i have the patch out infront of me. Should I put it on or leave it hmmm....

    I guess I should put it on today, I dont want to lapse :D

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