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No Smoking Day
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Day 21

Hi guys :)

I haven't posted for a few days, I thought I would give you all a rest from my daily updates!

Well here we are at day 21 and things are getting much easier. Haven't been craving so that is good. To be honest I have been really busy with work and doing stuff at home in the evenings so I haven't had time to think about smoking :)

This time last week however I was really suffering with craves, I knew I wouldn't smoke, but it was driving me mental. I am sure there are others out there feeling the same way, so my humble advice is to dig deep, get busy with something to take your mind off the crave, remember what made you want to give up in the first place and push on through. You will make it, it is only temporary and having a smoke is NOT the answer.

What a difference a week makes! I feel so positive and energized at the mo. I have started on a diet to kick a few (well quite a few) pounds. I gained weight during my last quit which I never got rid of, so I'm hammering it now. I have started losing already and feel great. I am also finding that focusing on the diet is a good distraction. Thinking about calories is better than thinking about smoking (or I may just be a masochist!) Anyway I am really getting a kick out of being healthy and doing something good to my body. I turn 40 this year (where the hell did all those years go!!!) so I think I have finally realized that I need to look after myself as I don't want to have serious health problems which I could have prevented.

So here we go into week 4, good luck to all quitters new and old, and keep on keeping on! :)



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Keep going mate, your doing great!!! It's a hellish feeling to get the first couple of weeks behind you :)

Stay positive! ;)

Cheers mate! :)

Going to make this one stick!


Glad you're doing well still Jim and it's fab you've had a better week :D

Keep going 'cos you've got this!!


Sounding fantastic and positive there Jim, well done! Yep, I just turned 40 last autumn and my theory was I didn't want to be fat, fagging and forty! One of those three I couldn't change so I've fixed the fagging, now I'm fighting the flab :o

Three weeks will be done and dusted by the end of today mate, I hope you're suitably proud of yourself, this is a BIG deal and you're doing a cracking job, you are CANING IT! If the weight loss thing works as a distraction then great, but if you should start to wobble (excuse the pun) as regards quitting the fags because you're also fighting the flab then please don't endanger your precious quit for the sake of extra poundage. One battle at a time is often the best way so if it should prove to make it tougher on you then ditch the diet until you're rock solid in your freedom from smoking.

Entering your fourth week tomorrow - how amazing is that?!:D:D:D

Heheh, thanks so much Kat for you positive words :)

It is an ongoing battle and I am going to keep fighting. I am so determined to make this quit stick, that if I need to say s*d it to the diet and hammer the mini eggs again then so be it!!

I think reaching that 40 milestone gives really makes you think about life. As I have gotten older I have climbed the career ladder and moved from a really active job to flying a desk. That also brings stress which I never used to have. So all things considered, sedentary work life, stress, smoking, overweight, drinking of an evening, over eating and about to hit forty, I think I was a time bomb ticking away. Well I am using this quit to kick start a new healthy lifestyle and believe me this quit wouldn't have got to where it is without all you guys helping me :)

Here's to us fabulous forty somethings! :)


Boy in the chair you post as often as u want even if its just hi. I put out a sos to people i havent heard from in FF grp your name was on that list. So glad you are doing so well- keep it up x

Aww thank you flower :) Hope all is good with you, you really are a ray of sunshine :) x


Glad you're doing well still Jim and it's fab you've had a better week :D

Keep going 'cos you've got this!!

Cheers Gemma, still soldiering on :) Moving on to week 4 just ahead of you, I will hold the door open!!


Well done Jim!!!!:D

And good luck with fighting the flab too,my advice for what it's worth is to not worry too terribly if you find the weight shift tough-I waited until this month and Penthouse membership ,a full year plus after quitting before tackling my gut and it's working,down from 16 stone to 15st 2lb in 3 weeks on 5/2 :p

Cheers Max :)

I was a bit concerned I might be doing the diet thing too early, but I wont let it endanger my quit, this one is for keeps!

To be honest I only really started the diet cos I was lurking in the Diet & Keep Fit bit the other week and saw you mention the 5:2 diet. Having tried (and failed) a few diets in the past I thought I would see what it is all about, especially as it was working for you :) Well I started on Monday and I have started to see the results already! Many thanks to you Max, cos I wouldn't have known anything about it if I hadn't seen your post!

Very well done on your weight lose Max! :) I'm too embarrassed to put down my weight stats.... :eek:


Great sign of a confident quit....not needing to post an update every day. Shows you are adjusting very well and winning.

Cheers John, I'm hoping that the worst is abating and I can focus on not slipping up in the future!


Cheers Gemma, still soldiering on :) Moving on to week 4 just ahead of you, I will hold the door open!!

YAY thanks!! You keep blazing the trail for me!!



Good for you fella!!!!!!

One of the few things LACKING on this site,is a serious group of people dieting together,and supporting each other.

Many attempts have been made,most have fallen by the wayside.

I might try really hard to start a brand new diet thread where everyone who wants to lose weight can expect success! Or some success anyway. Because gaining weight is not something any of us like and especially you ladies,because the members here are by and large mainly ladies :) and porking out after quitting is a disappointment right?:confused: You feel so proud of quitting,then have the extra spare tyre.

I have been frankly AMAZED at the 5/2 diet,losing a stone in 3 weeks has been easy :D the secret is that on your 'fast day' you MUST adhere to the 5 or 6 hundred calorie limit or lower-really fast hard on those days-and you really need to cut out the obvious fatty snacks especially late in the day.:p

Once I get to my target weight of 14 stone 5lb I will go to a 6/1 diet with just one fast day a week.

Max I am so with you on this!

We are all helping each other with smoking, which is naturally the first and foremost priority of this site, so why not help each other with the weight lose? We are all determined people (we wouldn't be here otherwise) and, unless you are very lucky/determined, gaining weight is going to happen when you stop smoking. So being determined people, we can all help each other shift the pounds.

I agree with you totally about the 5:2 diet. I bought the book by Michael Mosely, read it and thought I would give it a go. I, like you, am amazed! The first fast day started a bit tough, but when you realize that it is only for 24 hours, and you will be eating normally again it is easy. I have had 2 fast days so far but I feel brilliant. The weight lose spurs me on and I just feel generally better for it! :) The weird thing is, even though I was fasting, I had no desire to trough the mars bars the day after! I have cut out the snacking on the normal days and the weight has fallen off! Ok, here are my stats :

Height: 6'3"

Start Weight: 17st 4lbs :eek:

Current Weight: 16st 8lbs (1week into the 5:2!!!!)

Max if you start a diet thread, count me in!

Cheers :)


LOL :D :D :D

And it should be Ladeezzzzz:D


Flippin eck :eek: Jim that weight loss even beats mine :D and yes,doesn't it feel better to be a bit lighter and sleeker?Easier to move about even!

And the Mars bar thing is the bonus sub-plot,because you always have a fast on the horizon I think you tend not to pig out on normal days,but eat more wisely and in smaller portions;my eating habits on normal days are MILES better than they were :D

Listen to us,2 big hairy ars-e-d blokes discussing dieting :D should be the ladies!!!!

I will set something up and very well done mate ;)

Cheers Max :)

You are doing very well mate because yours is a sustained lose over time :) To be honest I am just starting and for me the initial weight lose is going to include a lot of liquid, but even so I was stunned!

You are so right Max, everything feels better already. I do feel a bit lighter and sleeker, and that makes me feel so much better about life in general.

I just think this is the most realistically achievable diet out there. It sort of re-tunes your attitude to food and eating. I am a big guy and have always had a big appetite, but like you, doing the fasts has made me eat moderately on the non fast days. I also find that I appreciate food more know, and it tastes better, sort of has more flavour. I was skeptical about it when I was reading the book, I have tried and failed to follow 'wonder' diets before, but this really seems to work. The OH is doing it as well and she has found it the same. It just works.

Heheh I have to admit I didn't think I would be sharing diet experiences with another bloke, but it's all good! :D Feel free to join in ladies!!:D:D


Jim, I read once that if you can diet at the same time as quitting you have a far higher chance of staying quit for good, I don't remember why so not very helpful really haha but none the less I did read it :p

I do think calorie counting can take up brain space so there's less for smoking to use so good on you and I'm so pleased you're so upbeat with everything, go you :D

Hey Cupster :)

Heheh, I hope you are right, if it helps the quit stick then it's got to be good :) I think the calorie thing has made me change focus, stop thinking about fags, start thinking about being healthy :)


Jim, I found the same. For me, it's been easier to diet and quit simultaneously than not. I wasn't initially intending to do both but developed the anxiety/panic attack side effects early in my quit and was too churned up to eat for a few days, which kick-started me into it. I've lost nearly 1.5 stone all told (I even managed to lose a few pounds over Christmas :))

I'm turning 50 in the summer so it's a really good opportunity to reinvent myself a bit.

Well done- you and Max are going to be shadows of your former selves before long! :D


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