9 weeks today - Whoop Whoop

I thought I would drop in and say Hi, as it's national No Smoking Day.

I am still going strong, I know I will never smoke again, and that feels fab.

I am still sleeping all the time, (went to bed last night at 9.00pm, slept until 7.00am, took daughter to school, back in bed at 9.30am until 3.00pm, but still shattered now :eek:Dr tested me for diabetes which was 15.5 which apparently is high. I have to fast Thursday night for a full blood test Fri morning, so that might be the reason for the tiredness, hmm seems to have only come on since I stopped smoking. I hope it is a coincidence.

Apart from that, it's great to see the Jan quitters still here. Well done everyone.

Well done to the new quitters.

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  • Good to see you still here Doodles and as crazy as ever :D. Dr said nicotine was a stimulant, so that is the reason you feel tired, if it continues to excess like mine, get abloom test done. :D

  • Hi Kat, proud as punch:D. I knew you would still be here:) still warring with Max, do bears poop in woods, hmm.

    Great to see you encouraging the newbies.

  • Lol, Kat, I have just been looking back on your battles with Max, :D. So, so funny, I have been lying on my bed giggling at you both. I do believe you have got the better of him, and are definatley ding ding, one up on him. I guess some of his brain cells are dying, now at his age, not as quick witted as he once was. I guess they will put him as desk sergeant at work now. :D:D

  • Excellent job!

    Well done Jane, you should be proud and deserve a nice treat I think!:)

  • Thanks Haze, I'm about to book my holiday abroad this evening. Unsure whether to take the children to Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Gibraltor? Any ideas?

  • Thanks Haze, I'm about to book my holiday abroad this evening. Unsure whether to take the children to Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Gibraltor? Any ideas?

    Greece without a doubt! I love the Greek people and also the food is lovely too. The climate is great and it is very laid back. However I think any of those choices would be good for kids! Have a great time Jane wherever you decide to go. I am so pleased for you and I know you will never smoke again, I just know it!:)

  • Greece it will be then, I have never been there and it is also seeped in history (which is what I enjoy on holidays, even if the children don'tn:) )

    Thanks Haze for the vote of confidence in my quit, I know I am a non smoker now, even myDr changed my records to non smoker, so he is also sure. I don't even remember myself smoking, it feels so long ago. :)

  • Janey

    9 weeks, way to go my love:) I'm so, so proud of you.

    This is definitely 'the one' for you.

    Hope everything goes well with Doc, tell me Jane, have you been checked out for Thyroid probs as that too can cause excessive tiredness.

    Oh and Greece or Portugal would get my vote.

    Fi x

  • Thanks Nutmeg

    Dr is testing for Diabetes, thyroid and some others (7 in all).

    The tiredness is so delapidating, I am forcing myself to run every other evening, but apart from that, I sleep, 17 hours a day, for the last few days. I need to get back to work.:eek:

  • Thats good Janey, a broad spectrum of tests, Doc will hopefully make you all better!

    Meantime, be kind to yourself, rest is a good healer.

    Take care.

    Fi x

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