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20 Weeks Today - 2800 fags(minimum) NOT smoked!! Whoop whoop !!!

Woweeeee !! 20 weeks, where's all the mmq's and how's everyone doing out there? iv rarely had time tolog on lately as when i 1st quit in march i was layed up with a cast from toe to thigh with a broken leg but now im back at work its well difficult with time.

Well i hope all are doing ok and hope when i browse through i see some posts from many others that i recognise, im now starting to 'keep fit' and banish the flab, all 16 pound excess iv created in the WRONG places. well i was immobile since christmas, right up to april too so guess its not surprising !!!!! least i can run 3 miles now without gasping for breath at all and thats something i could never ever have done as a smoker!!! yipeee i am feeling the benefits at long long last...

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Hi Dee Dee :D

Good to hear from you again and well done you on 29 weeks quit that's wonderful


Marg xxxxxxxxx


well done!!

dee dee, fab news!! well done on 20 weeksxxxxx


Ah hi Moog; Well done to you and so glad ur still with us, Thanks soooo much for replies and Marg and so well done on still being free since last year !!! xx


Hi dee dee,

Great to see you at 20 weeks quit, and still going strong. I think I would have used a broken leg and being sedentary for so long as excuses to carry on smoking! Must have been a bad break to lay you up for so long, hope it's all mended okay now.



well done Dee Dee :) cant wait till I am at that point :)


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