No Smoking Day
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Goodbye fairwell it's time for me to go

Goodbye, fairwell I really would like to stay but I have to leave, week four is calling:D

It's been nice meeting with you and hope it's as nice in week four.

It's been a funny old week with cravings here and there and today I could even smell cig smoke even though nobody was smoking.

I have one side effect at the moment, wind, eeeek

I have to take pain killers which contain codeine which has the side effect of constipation but giving the nicodemon the push seems to have cleared that one which is good. sorry if to much info

I have even more reason to do this as my uncle passed away this week, cancer of the throat. so i really going to give that evil monster a kicking

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Thanks MAx

Make sure you go all the way as I want to see you in that penthouse with me.


Jane, you have done so well! How quickly has the time flown by :eek: Can't believe its been 3 weeks for you already! Onwards and Upwards! We've got this :D


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