Time to say goodbye

Well, sort of.

I have reached the point where I feel I need to get away from most of the thoughts of smoking - to start ignoring the fact that I am quit and to start just living.

For that reason, I am going to be spending a lot less time on here. I will still pop in from time to time - I am not going to leave for good. You won't get rid of me that easily.

I found this place on day 7 of my quit, it's been a huge help to me.

To everyone further along than my 68 days. Looking ahead at your achievments and "listening" to your kind words of encouragement have inspired me more than you will ever know. I wish you continued success with your quits.

To those at the same point, or at nearly the same point. Thanks to you too - seeing you go through the same process has helped me immeasurably. Congratulations, and I wish you all the best as you move on.

To those behind me, just starting or thinking of starting. Listen to the people on here! Read everything again and again. You can do it. Anyone CAN do it. Just beleive in it, understand it and revel in it.

You haven't seen the last of me, I'm sorry to say - but I won't be around anywhere near as much from now on.

Despite my need to get away from most thoughts of smoking, I will not be complacent. I will not be forgetting that I am a nicotine addict, or that to remain free I must do one simple thing. I must choose not to smoke.

Thanks again, and see ya later!

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  • Well said, Stu, :)

    You are doing so well, and I know you will not look back now. :)

    You've been an inspiration, and it's been nice "knowing" you ;)

    I too only lurk now and again, and will always be grateful to this forum and the people I have "met" here

    Take care, and stay stopped :D

  • Fair enough Stu,

    Don't be too much of a stranger, but I do understand.I know you will but always remember how bad it was to be a smoker and how good it is to be free.

    See you as and when.

    All the best,


  • oh no :(

    i do understand what you mean though. come back soon to check up on us!! :)

  • know exactly what you mean buddy

    hi stuart

    i understand completely what you mean and i am not as far down the road as you.....thank you for all your advice and enjoy your new found freedom.......catch you soon...take care , carol-anne xx:p

  • I am new here but I found everything you said to me invaluable! Thank you so much! Take care

    Tracy xx

  • Sorry to See You go...

    You spoke a lot of sense to me and lots of other new users. I hope to be in your position too in a few months time.:)


  • You spoke a lot of sense to me and lots of other new users. I hope to be in your position too in a few months time.:)


    Stick with what you are doing, and you will be :D :D

  • I have reached the point where I feel I need to get away from most of the thoughts of smoking - to start ignoring the fact that I am quit and to start just living.

    At some point we all do have to get back to the 'real' world. In the relatively short time you've been here you have helped a lot of folk with their quits, dishing out advice tirelessly - people just have to look at your post count to see how active you've been.

    Don't be a stranger and remember to get your butt back here if things get difficult at any point. :)

  • You have done really well in a short period of time.

    I wish you the best and come on back and let us know how you are doing .

    See you later.......:D

  • Can completely understand your reasoning! I'm about half the way behind you but, whereas I used to "need" to come here daily, I know pop in and have a read about 3 times per week. I do find that when I am here, I tend to think more about cigarettes than I do at any other time but, it doesn't give me any urges (thank goodness)

    You've been a great Mentor and I appreciate all your help, advice and encouragement and wish you well with getting back to "life"!

    Cat, xx

  • I had to pop in to see what was going on, giving up forum use cold turkey is just too hard to do all at once!!!!

    Thanks everyone for the kind words - I shall be back for celebrations, milestones, etc... Have to celebrate with my quit buddies! And when I do come back, I will do my best to catch up with everyone :)

    I will only miss one milestone, and that's my 10 weeks tomorrow as I am going away for the weekend.

    Don't be a stranger and remember to get your butt back here if things get difficult at any point. :)

    Of course I will be back if I need any help - where else would I go? :D

    Thank you all one more time - I cannot adequately express my gratitude to you all for what you have done for me.

  • Bye Stuart,

    Thanks for all your good advice, congrats on 10 weeks tomorrow.



  • Sad


    Sorry I missed this thread, I remember you first coming on here and how you struggled and then reading how much you were then helping others with there quits, but I know what you mean re getting away from the association of smoke so I wish you well and have no doubt you will be kicking whoever is in the penthouse on your milestone out, but do pop back in here and say hi.

    You will be missed. ;)

  • Carl,

    I would guess, that the moderator(s) read the post the same way as me and perceived it as having potential to start an argument, rightly or wrongly, intended or otherwise it read like it to me :rolleyes:

    FWIW Stuart's post explained that he wouldn't be about nearly as much as before and as far as I can see he has posted once today.

    He is like many before cutting back on his forum use, to reduce his reminders of smoking.

    Anyway, hows things going with, you haven't been posting as much - or maybe they are all being deleted :D :rolleyes:

  • I'm fine Nic...and thanks for the feedback.

    That's good to hear.

    essence of tact and diplomacy

    I thought that was a fragrance by Calvin Klein :D:D

  • The reason I started a thread was simple. I thought the people that had helped me through deserved a thank you.

    And some kind of explanation as to why I will only be here now and again rather than almost constantly.

    Some appreciated it, a lot ignored it and only one decided it might be a good way to start an argument :rolleyes:

  • That was the reason...really? Didn't read like that to me. The title of the thread is "Time to say Goodbye". Nothing ambiguous about that I would have thought. The others said their goodbyes, as I did...you just forgot to leave stuart. Your business of course but I thought people who took the time to say farewell deserved an explanation.:rolleyes:

    Far as I can make out you've posted freely since you "left". Sorry for being honest but it does seem a bit silly really.

    You're entitled to your opinion. Even though it is always to make a big deal out of nothing in an attempt to cause an argument. You are still entitled to it.

    I never actually said I wouldn't be on here anymore.... I said I would be spending a lot less time on here...

    Fact remains that I am not around even slightly as much as I would have been this time last week, and it will be even less going forwards.

    My thoughts on the matter is simple, those that helped me through deserved a thank you and an explanation BEFORE I just eased back. If you think I am wrong to go about it this way, thats up to you. I did what I thought to be the best thing. I will be posting from time to time... some days a few posts, some days I won't come on, you may not see me for a week or even longer... but I will still be about and if that offends you, Carl... sorry, but tough.

    But you know what, you're right - the title of the thread is a bit misleading and it perhaps should have been something like "time to sit back a bit" or something... but I really don't see what harm it does, as the post explains things pretty well IMO - everyone else seemed to get it anyway.

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