No Smoking Day
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well its goodbye from me.. day 14

i,m off to the next forum tommorow.. :D (week 3 )

it,s been a funny week, i,m still off the fags, and things are settling down .

i,ve been stuck in my lorry for a few days..out and about, and after i had thoroughly cleaned the inside of my truck out ,bought a new smelly, and washed and changed all my bedding , it was a pleasure (almost) to be at work this week.

the sleepless nights seem to have passed ( got a full 8 hours last night) and i have put a few lb.s on , but i am not too worried about a little weight gain, i can deal with that later.

i am genuinely feeling good about myself, and tonight i am off for a well deserved pint at my local (no-smoking) pub, with 4 or 5 of my non-smoking mates.

i was the only smoker in the group, and they have been a god-send, even sending me random good luck messages to my mobile while i have been away ..

so, heres to the last 2 weeks, roll on week 3, and

good luck to all.

sorry if i sound smug..i am :D

james x

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James.. be as smug as you like!! You deserve to be!

Good on you! Keep strong! :D


Well done James!:D You deserve to be smug! :)

btw, if you get bored, I'll give you my address, lots of chores to keep you occupied. Do you iron?;)


Well done James

You are doing great and sound really positive.

Enjoy the pint(s)

Reminds me of my old flatmate who told me he was off up the pub for a couple. I saw him two days later.

Good luck


Do you iron?;)

12 years ex forces.. yes, i can iron. :D

thanks for the support tho.. it,s a great help


Waheyyyyy, hello Oh Smug One :D I'll be smug too when I get as far as you! (half way there!). Good job...and have one for me tonight (drink, that is, not a fag!).

Have fun!


well done you oh smug one.

enjoy your night out.:)


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