Hi every-one

Its time for me to move on-I am nearing 7months into my quit and feel as if i have 'grown out' of this forum!!

The forum has being instrumental in my quit, helping me when going through a crave or feeling bad! so a big thankyou to everyone!!!!

I can't believe i have actually gone this far, and i know i will never smoke again-it doesn't even frighten me saying that!!!!

Special thanks to Mummy M-margareth, My lovely BB, jerry-lee, Cavalier, stuartH, NicFirth.

Keep up your great fights for freedom-DFS (sofa group), MMQs' and the monkey bar stewards!!!!

I will pop in for a nosey now and then-and will return to enter the penthouse-12th September!!!

seeya xxxx

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  • Hi Shabba,

    Good luck with your future.


  • Oh no! You are not allowed! You are the peace keeper, bringer together of DFS, giver of inspirational advice and amusing quotes. I shall be most sad not to see you posts. xxx

  • Hi Shabba :(

    I am so sorry you have to go and I will miss you being around

    Good luck to you in the future


    Mummy M xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • No Shabba

    So sad to see you go but lovely you feel like you have cone out the other side. If you know what I mean. You have given fab support and advice to everyone Oh yes amd great laughs. Pop back when ever you have time. All the very best. Linda xxxxxx

  • Hi Jim :D

    Oh dear a tantrum I do hope you didn't throw your pillow and blankets out as well HA HA


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • See ya around girlie :D I'm pretty sure you won't be able to stay away all too long :D You'll miss us too much!!! Hugs to you oh funny one!!! :D

  • All the best Shabba-thanks for all you help & support.

    Look forward to seeing you in the penthouse-I'm not too far behind you!

    popsies x

  • Good luch Shabba, will miss reading your posts.


  • Hey!!!!!

    From fellow peroxide blondie!!!!

    Good luck hun and well done for your success in your quit. :D

    Take care sweetie

    Mwah! xx

  • Missed this thread. quit buddy.

    Well, I hope you are celebrating your 7 months today.... sorry to see you go, and make sure you do pop back from time to time. See you in the Penthouse 12/9/09.

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