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Day 5

Already on day 5. I have been to a party, went to a bar last night had my usual couple of drinks and didn't need to stand outside in the cold with all the other nicotine addicts. Not pretending it was easy, but I felt so good and smug that I made it through without caving in. The bad thing is that my husband does not seem to have noticed that I am no longer smoking, feel a bit miffed he isn't supporting me. Might not include him in my holiday plans when I have saved enough lol. I have written down my reasons for not smoking and I look at this list several times a day, find it helps to keep me motivated. I have decided to quit cold turkey, that way I feel I will be able to deal with my nicotine addiction quicker if I ban the stuff altogether. I am sure with the help from all the quitters on here I WILL succeed

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Hello Jeannie,

I'm new to this but thought I'd email as I have the opposite problem. My partner is trying to be overly supportive which is leading to him being quite (hmmm...ok, very) annoying and we are arguing loads which then makes me want to smoke! Just thought I'd share the flip side :-)

Well done on 5 days! Keep going. I like your list idea. I'm gonna steal that one, thanks :-)

Take care.

K x


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