No Smoking Day
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Had 2 wines...and STILL NO SMOKES!!

I wasn't too sure I could do it.......but it was all fine and hunky dorey!! In fact, me, hubby & son went for a pub lunch. Thankfully my toddler fell asleep! yay!! And it was actually really nice to get to chat with hubby!! No more me keeping nipping out for a ciggy every half hour!!

Feels good.....Lets hope next week is easy! Am going to set myself up with constant activities to keep busy!

Well done to everyone on this journey....weird how from one hour to the next, your mood can change etc....just through not sucking on a tobacco cancer stick!!

Well done Kat too, know the last few days must've been hard.....but WE ARE DOING IT!!! XXXX

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What on earth Isha, I thought I'd finished the bottle!!!! :D:D

Sometimes an 'erm...yipee...?' doesn't quite cut it, hey!


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