Stupid me.. But going to be strong!

Day one today ........... I quit in 2007 after smoking for 8 years and then at the beginning of 2012, I started up again.. Stupid me..!!! At first, I was like, so what.. I haven't smoked for years.. I won't get hooked again... But I did!!! .......Now I feel the terrible guilt, scared that I'm hurting my health and my skin or hair doesn't look great.. That's just after a year.. So now I want to quit again..!! ....... I know from my past experience, that it takes time and it gets so much easier... It got to the point after a couple of months that I didn't ever think about it.... And it was wonderful to wake up in the morning feeling like I could breathe!! you do get over me!!!! I know I can do it again!!! Just gotta get past those cravings and seek your help on here.. Good luck everyone.. Your doing the best thing in your whole life!!! :) peace!!

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  • Hi Laurel Welcome.

    I stopped for about 15 years or more and had just one which led to another 15 years of being hooked. But I've been stopped for 6 months again now.

    The thing is, you know this is do-able, even though it's tough. And the really brilliant thing is that you have quit again:D

    Good luck.You will love this group and get a lot of fantastic support from all the lovely people who have supported me for months. God bless them all. xx

  • Hi Laurel

    Well done for jumping back on the Merry-Go-Round

    You sound extremely positive and you know what lies ahead....gonna be a walk in the park for you surely? :)

    Keep us posted as to how you get on :)

    Take care


  • Hi Laurel,we are both relapsers......why do we do it.

    Any way onwards and we go again:D

  • Thanks!!

    Thank- you for all your replys!!! I'm glad to hear I have given some positive vibes.. I don't think it's going to be a breeze, but I know once I'm over the hill in a couple of months I'll be smiling!! ....

    I'm reading Alan Carr -the easy way..... The best book ever written!!! Really helps if your struggling :) .. He makes so much sense!!! And it's great for encouragement... Boy it's helping me!!

    Hope you all have a good day?? happy Friday :):)

  • Laurel

    Been in same position way back, restarting after being quit for years.

    You sound really positive, so wishing you all the best as you embark on this new journey.

    Fi x

  • I'm trying to stay positive.. It is hard!! Gotta keep thinking that way..

  • Wishing you all the best Laurel. Im on Day 4.....had previously given up for 2 night whilst with smoking friends (and after a few drinks), I thought oooo, I just fancy the one.......within weeks I was back & hooked.

    So.........Peeps, no more JUST ONE's!!! xxxx

    We can do it!! xxxxx

  • I started with the Jan 2013 quitters and then lapsed after two weeks. Back to day 1 today - determined to watch out for the triggers and get beyond the two week mark. Good luck to everybody (especially those trying to pick themselves up after a slip). We can do this if we stick together!

  • Soooo if I calculated this right you have smoked way less than half of the years I have... Im sure you look fab in comparison, especially if you keep it up now and dont do another 8 years :o


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