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No Smoking Day
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Stupid me.. But going to be strong!

Day one today ........... I quit in 2007 after smoking for 8 years and then at the beginning of 2012, I started up again.. Stupid me..!!! At first, I was like, so what.. I haven't smoked for years.. I won't get hooked again... But I did!!! .......Now I feel the terrible guilt, scared that I'm hurting my health and my skin or hair doesn't look great.. That's just after a year.. So now I want to quit again..!! ....... I know from my past experience, that it takes time and it gets so much easier... It got to the point after a couple of months that I didn't ever think about it.... And it was wonderful to wake up in the morning feeling like I could breathe!! you do get over it..trust me!!!! I know I can do it again!!! Just gotta get past those cravings and seek your help on here.. Good luck everyone.. Your doing the best thing in your whole life!!! :) peace!!

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Hi Laurel Welcome.

I stopped for about 15 years or more and had just one which led to another 15 years of being hooked. But I've been stopped for 6 months again now.

The thing is, you know this is do-able, even though it's tough. And the really brilliant thing is that you have quit again:D

Good luck.You will love this group and get a lot of fantastic support from all the lovely people who have supported me for months. God bless them all. xx


Hi Laurel

Well done for jumping back on the Merry-Go-Round

You sound extremely positive and you know what lies ahead....gonna be a walk in the park for you surely? :)

Keep us posted as to how you get on :)

Take care



Hi Laurel,we are both relapsers......why do we do it.

Any way onwards and upwards.....here we go again:D



Thank- you for all your replys!!! I'm glad to hear I have given some positive vibes.. I don't think it's going to be a breeze, but I know once I'm over the hill in a couple of months I'll be smiling!! ....

I'm reading Alan Carr -the easy way..... The best book ever written!!! Really helps if your struggling :) .. He makes so much sense!!! And it's great for encouragement... Boy it's helping me!!

Hope you all have a good day?? happy Friday :):)



Been in same position way back, restarting after being quit for years.

You sound really positive, so wishing you all the best as you embark on this new journey.

Fi x


I'm trying to stay positive.. It is hard!! Gotta keep thinking that way..


Wishing you all the best Laurel. Im on Day 4.....had previously given up for 2 years....one night whilst with smoking friends (and after a few drinks), I thought oooo, I just fancy the one.......within weeks I was back & hooked.

So.........Peeps, no more JUST ONE's!!! xxxx

We can do it!! xxxxx


I started with the Jan 2013 quitters and then lapsed after two weeks. Back to day 1 today - determined to watch out for the triggers and get beyond the two week mark. Good luck to everybody (especially those trying to pick themselves up after a slip). We can do this if we stick together!


Soooo if I calculated this right you have smoked way less than half of the years I have... Im sure you look fab in comparison, especially if you keep it up now and dont do another 8 years :o



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