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8 months and going strong


Hi all, have been camping in West Wales for the last three weeks, exposed to all those horrors that slapped me back onto the nicotine wagon last year, and I haven't been bothered by them this time around at all, I mean not even a little pang after a couple of drinks. So I am well chuffed. Not complacent and i'm staying aware, but it feels so much better, not worrying about smoke blowing into next doors caravan, or sitting the right side of someone so they don't get a face full of my exhaled smoke.

We're catching lot's of fish and quite a few lobsters, back for a few days now and then off again till the end of the month when the girls go back to school. Happy days!

Lorraine :)

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Hi Lorraine, you sound thoroughly up beat and on track and glad to say it’s a smoke free track, we have also just got back from a caravan and fishing hols and so long as weather keeps up will be off on Sunday or Monday again.

8 Months is so good and I bet you are proud of yourself, have a good time in the next phase of you hols, where are you off to this time?? Somewhere nice I hope.

Aww thanks for posting, we're going back to West Wales, our caravan is on site for the summer through until October. Yes, i'm so chuffed about the whole smoking thing, never actually believed I would EVER feel like this, you must be the same, it's fantastic isn't it!

We're off again Friday, hoping the weather is OK, we don't get the best of it in the West!?

Have a fabulous time Jamangie, and thank you.

Lorraine :)

You are very welcome and I know wales as I have spent some great school hols there in ruthin which is north wales but still some incrediblke country side, we have left our van down in skeg as its only about an hour and a half and Inlaws have a static there so handy for us as we cant stop in van with them as we would go mad LOL, you sound as if you live in wales any way so full time hols lol

We're about two hours away from ours. Lucky you, you've had the best of the weather, every summer I look at the weather map and the east of the country is bathing in sunshine and the west has wind and rain, and every year I say we're going east next time!? Hasn't stopped raining in south wales today.

Never been to North Wales, mainly the West, keep promising myself to tour Snowdon and the North. The West coast is nice though and my in-laws are in that direction so it keeps everyone happy, they get to see grandchildren.

Enjoy the sunshine, wish some over this way please!!


I will say big wish for you and hope you get some sun and a little rain at night, go east coast as the weather is rarely realy bad there and the kids love it, a bit cheesy though but still not too bad I love cornwall but its a stretch and with petrol as it is then so exspensive as well so cheaper to leave van in situ.

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