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And Breathe..... The dark mist has lifted!

Yes today i am in what is known a good mood ... gosh how rare is this feeling!!! My husband has decided to join me at long last and has gone on the patches and has completed his 3rd day ... hooooray!!

I have had a total of 3hrs sleep after my night shift last night and in 2 hrs i am back in on another night shift ..... this will be a test of my moods and cravings as when tired everything seems a little tetchy... but so far so good....... ;)

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Hey Poppy

How brilliant that you are having a good day and very good news that your OH is now quit too! It should make it a LOT easier for you!

Try and get a little rest before your next night shift, but you may be pleasantly surprised - you'll be busy hopefully so you shouldn't be thinking of the nico demon too much!

Good luck




Hi, Poppy, great news abot your other half, that will make things a whole lot easier for you. The sleepless ness is a pain but if you work shifts then it must be a nightmare (excuse the pun), you have to be asleep to have a nightmare, hope thing simprove for you on that front.:)


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