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No Smoking Day
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Has anyone tried hypnotherapy?

Hi All, some of you may remember me, I quit on 7th March and was successful for 3 weeks - good for me, then I succumbed to the dreaded weed again. Had a couple of half hearted attempts since then, but am back on 40-50 a day!!!! I have an appointment tomorrow with a hypnotherapist and am hoping this may help, I know its not a cure for my addiction, but just wondering if anyone else has tried it and what their thoughts are on this therapy?

Love to all, and am so pleased to see everyone from March doing well especially Moog who quit the same day as me

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Not personally, I know some people have found it help but others didn't.

Either way I don't think there is any such thing as a magic bullet and however you kick start things basically you just have to practice and get used to living as a non smoker, and break down all those ingrained associations with smoking. There are emotions and situations which automatically made you reach for the cigs and which feel quite alien experiencing without one, but the more times you go through them as a non smoker the more normal it will feel.

Have you read Allen Carr's book? It didn't click 100% for me but was certainly a help and when read alongside the stuff on Whyquit and the other ones in my Sig it helped me change my way of thinking about smoking which is how I've come to get beyond the year mark ;)




Thanks Nic, I know just what you mean about the magic bullett - addicts cling to anything that they think will just make you wake up one day and never want your poison of choice!! but hey ho I'll give it a go.

I have read Allen Carrs book several times, and whilst I am reading it am so determined never to smoke again but it only lasts for a few hours - just wish I could have this book permanently playing on a loop in my ears - might work then lol.

Anyway many thanks and will et you know how the hypno goes x


Hi Debs,

Good luck with the Hypnotherapy. I did it many, many years ago and lasted a good few days...but eventually succumbed. Hopefully you'll be more successful. :)

But if not you may wish to consider chatting with your health practice and what I'm really meaning is to discuss whether Champix could help you out for those initial days, weeks, months.

As Nic says there isn't a magic bullet but I've heard/read a lot of successful quitters on this site advocating Champix. I used CT, although that's neither here nor there as we all have the 'one way' we will start our quits. To sustain it you, again like Nic says, have to work at it. That is by read, read, reading the links and information that some of us display in our sigs.

By the way...I smoked for 31 years until sense prevailed ;)

Best wishes,



Hi Debs:)

great go for it but then follow Nic's instuctions very carefully to stay quit

OK so just to recap those instructions are:-

1) Change your mindset through re-educating.

2) Don't put a ciggie (or cigar or pipe etc...) in your mouth and light it! (Ever!)



or as i've done...

Option 3) You are forbidden to even touch a cigarette/cigar whether its lit or unlit. Nor may you touch a packet, nor even an empty packet. You also should not stand within 1.5m of any smoker, and further if inside a building.

Might sound harsh, but i've found that by totally disassociating them from every aspect of my life now, that i can get along just nicely.


i had to get rid of my old car last week, and urrrrgh could see cig butts had dropped by the mat in the footwell (ashtray overflow) double yuk.. i couldn't touch them due to my rule, so picked them up with gardening gloves on and binned them.. oh and had to empty the ashtray too which i'd left rather full as a reminder to me of where just one would lead.. it repulsed me having to empty it, but it was a good lesson :)


I did once buy a self-hypnosis cassette, it all went so well i'd reached a lovely clearing in some trees.. sun was shining through the clearing, felt at peace with the world.... the water in the nearby pond was still.. the only movement to be seen was a solo dragonfly.. and the odd pondskater on the water... and theeeeeeeeeougiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...then my tape chewed.. and the rest was history. Thank god for cd's!!!!!!


Hi Debs :)

Welcome back and well done deciding to restart your quit

I know nothing about hypnotherapy but hope it will help you

Remember to read both the posts on here and click the links in a lot of our signatures as well




I know a guy who went to a holiday resort and there was a hypnosis guy doing the usual turn person a into a chicken etc and all the rest of it. Anyway this guy i know went up onto the stage and said he would like to quit smoking.

He told him he had never been hypnotised before and doubted it would work.

However he went under straight away and the guy doing it said from now on anytime he would try and smoke it would make him feel like being sick.

If you've watched a clockwork orange, something akin to that (but not so bad, just stomach cramps)

He's tried smoking a couple minutes after he was on stage and he was astonished that it was making him feel pretty unwell.

He did meet up with the guy after the show, and he said in his experience 25% of people are very prone to hypnothearpy and most of the rest it will work on albeit with multiple sessions.

He tried smoking a few times here and there but it always has the same effect on him.

It can work on most people but it might not be an over night thing.


Did it work?

Deb, did the hypnosis work for you? I also have an appt on Oct 1 and another on the Oct 5, then one more a few weeks later. I would like to know if you felt it worked for you?



Hi all,

I tried it twice, and I also bought the Paul Makenna DVD quit smoking, neither worked unfortunately.




Hi Debs

A friend of my husband used a Hypo and it worked for him. He can't explained what happened or what was said to him, but he hasn't smoked for about four years. Must admit I thought about it. I got a number, spoke to my smoking nurse and did research but thought I would do patches and inhalator first. Please let us know how you get on. Good luck and Best Wishes. Julie E:)


I know a guy who went to a holiday resort and there was a hypnosis guy doing the usual turn person a into a chicken etc and all the rest of it. Anyway this guy i know went up onto the stage and said he would like to quit smoking....

My kind of luck on such things when i smoked would leave me something like this...

[friend] would you like a ciggie jase?

[me] oh yeah ok ta!

*pauses to light it*



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