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No Smoking Day
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Has anybody tried this DVD?


Firstly I'm new here so please be gentle!

I am in Liverpool and there was a guy on the local radio station Radio City called David Laing who was on a phone in offering advice to smokers. He's been on a couple of times and was really good.

I had a look on his website and he has a DVD called 'Stop Smoking Easily'. I've noticed there area few others on Amazon too when I looked there. Has anybody out there used this? Did it work? He has excerpts you can play on his website and it looks pretty good.



I'm a 20 a day smoker.

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shalom Dave and img252.imageshack.us/img252... to the best place to be for support! As to going easy on a 'newbie', this site is so friendly you can curl up and get hugged just by logging on. Never known any nasty stuff here so relax and unwind mate.;)

Best of luck with your quit.:)

Oh, and, no, don't know the dvd in question.. maybe someone else does.


Hello Dave

are you for real or are you spam?

If you are for real then you have come to the right place and i am sure you can find the right quit method for your self, I won't carry on just in case you are not for real and you are spam but i am sure if you pop back and people can see you are here for the right reasons and not putting links on here then you will get lots of help and support :)



ok, so I'm naive! Never mind:(


No I'm not spam

Hi all

No I'm not spam. I am me - honest! I can see why you might have thought so with us having the same first name though :eek:

I've looked on Amazon and Ebay and there are a few videos and DVDs like this. I've tried the patches and I get really bad headaches so I thought this might be an option for me.

I think I'll give it a go. The guy seemed to know what he was talking about and it looks ok from the excerpts. I'll keep you posted on how I get on.



Hi Dave, I'm glad you're not spam! I don't think it was the name but posting a link.. We do sometimes get odd types posting stuff here advertising their sites, products etc but they are usually pretty transparent.:(

Anay, best of luck with your quit - maybe see you in the Day sections?;)



I've just ordered that DVD so I'll let you know how it goes. Have you come across anyone that used something like that? I've seen CDs for sale but the idea of a DVD just appealled to me. What have I got to lose? It's only the price of 3 packets of fags and if it helps me stop that will be great!

I priced up Hypnotherapy from some near my house but it was £200.00.


hi dave i have been on the dave laing websits and seen his dvds.i have got the paul mckennas and have listened to it a couple of times it was ok.you will have to ley us know how you find it.



DVD has arrived

Hi all

The DVD arrived today. I'm going to try it tonight and I'll let you know how it goes.

I must confess, I'm a mixture of sceptical and looking forward to it too.

I'll let you all know tomorrow.



Dave give yourself a little credibility and post on other topics rather than just this DVD.. People could be forgiven for thinking you were advertising here! :D I'm sure you're not but hey... ;)

So.. let's hear (on another thread) how your quit is going and how far you are etc etc.. :)


I have to agree ;)

I know a song that :p.... EEk am i following you bou.........:D


.... I have just thought in the name mccenna the c should be like a little floating c, in Scotland do you have a little c on your computer keys to make the little c?

totally random hey what :rolleyes:

Full of liitle c's is Scotland :eek:

Edit: just to be a little more constructive in MS Word you get the little c's via

Format menu

Font menu

and then ticking the Superscript box


Well I might be racist, I dunno, I worked for a Scottish outfit for 25+ years and it was one of my little favourites ...

Telling them they were a bunch of Superscripts, I think they only ever heard the Super bit and thought it to be a good thing.

What a silly bunch of little c's they are ...



Hi all

Sorry - didn't mean to sound like an advert! I'm just a bit enthused about having a different (non chemical) means!



:eek: JOHN!!!!! :eek:

Sorry :o

Maybes I am a racist, can't edit now though as you've quoted me.


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