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Fag break

Hi fellow quitters! Day 27 nearly done and dusted!!!

I just wanted to say a massive Thankyou to you all, I had a bad day last sat first day out to the pub and your wise words really helped!

Today I felt strong.... I went on a course and when we had tea breaks, fellow team mates smoking, I sucked on my minis and inhalators feeling quite smug;)

I even braved it and chatted whilst they did the naughty deed outside and didn't feel jealous or wobbly! I feel today I have turned a corner, I have dreaded being in contact with other smokers and I did it!

Max and biggerin your wise words really stuck in my thoughts

Witches coven and one day I will feel pity not jealous, I can't tell you how much all your words helped:) Thankyou! Today for a few wonderful moments I felt empowered .... I hope this is the start of new beginnings and way of life!!!!

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Well done Wooders, I know that these courses are hard enough and the temptation to go outside with fellow coursees can be quite strong, so great that you didn't succumb. The thing is this, if you stick with it it just gets easier and easier!:)


No breaks for the wicked!

Hey wooders!

Gosh, you sound like a different woman (you are a girl, yes?) to what you sounded like the other day! Woo - hoo! Very well done for getting over your hurdle and gaining control over your mind.




Well done Wooders! Isn't it great once you turn that corner! I'm sure every day will keep getting easier now - you're winning and nobody can stop you :D


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