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Day 6 and was almost back on the fags


First 2 days it was a relief not to be 'a smoker' but yesterday and today felt absolutely terrible physically and emotionally. Woke up this am and thought what's the point I was happier on cigs. Managed to get throught to now, talked to helpline and an acquaintance ex smoker, felt better. Partner and a friend have both said go back on them cos I am finding it so hard. Wh's it so bad today I wonder?

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There will always be up and down days in the early stages of quitting but believe me it will get better eventually!

Just hang in there!

Oh! and welcome to the forum!:D;)

Hi cal3

I have lost count the amount of times that i used the 'Happier when smoking' line.

We all know that we are not happy smoking, that is why we all try to quit.:)

I know it feels like the end of the worl when you quit, I have been there at least 5 to 10 times every year for the last 25 years.

But believe me, it does get eaiser as time goes on.

You can do it Cal, but you must really, really want it.

Good luck and welcome to the forum.:D

Hang on in there Cal

I'm on day 22 now and my experience is that you'll get good n bad days, the longer you hang in the more the good days flow.

Yesterday was really bad for me I felt I was craving all day, this morning and this afternoon pretty much the same. Now I realise its not a crave just a fancy.

Just remember it doesn't matter how bad the bad gets the worse the bad the better the good feels after :)

HI!!! Hey we are here for you! Don't give in just yet. Day 6 or 7 can be a total b!tch, but then you will see it gets better. Don't give in - you can do it. You will feel so much better tomorrow so take just this day one hour at a time and get through it. Whatever you need to do (except smoke) and you will see, tomorrow is much better!!

Have a look at this chart!

This chart may vary a bit for some people so you may be experiencing the day 7 cravings today and you will feel better tomorrow! The cravings are all down hill from now on, keep with us!

Hey hey - WELCOME TO THE FORUM!! You are here and you can do it. :D

Thanks, guys

I was so pleased people have responded on what was a very bad day. I actually feel better this evening, no terrible cravings and my head feels clear. You feel all alone with it because friends who are non-smokers think what's the big deal, just stop. But it's hard and I know it's not over yet. Using 24 hour patches and they give me vivid dreams all night long, probably making me even more fragile. Also inhaler but have not been using it so much, trying to keep busy. Your messages really boosted me. 25 a day for 10 years to nothing is a big deal actually!

Yay, you are doing great! I am so happy to hear that we've helped you! Keep your head up because you are NOT alone. We have all been exactly where you are, and we understand you. Keep coming along you are doing super! Almost 7 days :D

I seem to feel I breezed through the first 5 days, days 6 & 7 were very bad then it all got a little easier from there on in. Day 20 was hard too, but I'm fairly confident that I've smoked my last already.

Hang on in there bud

welcome cal, hang in there things are going to get better and pretty soon too ;)

And hey, Boudee is right, don't you listen to whomever tells you "go back to smoking if it's so hard for you" :eek: Those are VERY dangerous words, exactly the type of words, in fact, that the nicotine monster lurking in our mind wants to hear so please, ignore them! You can do this and you will do this, no matter what the others think :)

Day 8 getting a bit better

Thanks again for all messages of support. Have now gone to stopsmoking nurse got nrt on prescription so starting to save money now. She explained I probably was not getting enough nicotine, use more cartridges a day, hence finding it so unpleasant. Take 24 hour patches off at night is better don't feel so fragile. There are still so many moments when I could really enjoy a cig but hanging onto that feeling of inevitable hopelessness if I just have one. Depressing thought that I will always fancy one now and then.. This addiction is just dire. I just want to forget about fags altogether will this ever happen.

One day mate, one day! You will forget that you use to enjoy those nasty things and realize just how wonderful it is for you that you are a non-smoker. You have already been through the hardest part of the quit so stick with it and you will never have to return back to the dreaded first few days.

You are doing wonderful and quitting has never killed anyone only saved lives. :D

Thinking about it a lot is normal near the beginning of your quit, but each day the thoughts get fewer and fewer. My sister and my brother-in-law have been quit for 5 years now and they don't think about smoking and they NEVER have a craving unless they are at a party and the whole party is smoking. They say they would never dream of lighting up and the thought disgusts them :eek: Can't wait until I get to that stage of the game!

Hang in there ~ if you go back to the dreaded nic then you will have to start back at square one another day and who needs that :confused: NONE OF US!

Head up, be strong!! You are doing super.

Hang on in there Cal3 - its a toughie this quittie thingy but we're all in it together.... just come in here for a chat and there's people in here who will soon sort you out;)

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