100 days and 2000 unsmoked fags

Hi all

Just thought I would stop by to say it's 100 days for me today and 2002 ciggies not smoked.:D

Still on track and I've had a few testing days but still hanging in there and going strong. Is there any of the April Showers Crew still hanging in there?

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  • Congrats, hopefully be where you are some day soon.

  • Congrats on the century its a very significant milestone!!

  • 100 days :) well done you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Some of them names seem familiar for some reason :(, hope they didn't fall.

    You stay strong though, a shining example for everyone. good to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Bob :D

    Great 100 days is a wonderful milestone to reach

    Just keep going onwards and upwards


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • fantastic reaching 100 days CONGRATULATIONS , a huge achievement

  • Hi Bob,

    Congratulations on reaching 100 days, Well done and here`s looking forward to the next 100.


  • Congratulations, Bob!!!! A century is a brillant milestone! Keep going strong!

  • 100 days,fantastic....well done.

    doey xx:D

  • Can't wait to be in major league like yourself. Well done that man! :)

  • 100 days - just awesome. Well done.

  • Nice one on 100 days, I quit in april as well four days after you to be precise, so my century is up soon too, will be six months before we know it :D

  • Congratulations on the 100 days quit - a significant achievement. (Of course, as I'm a bit late with this, it must be 109 days quit by now!)


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