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First day off the fags!!


Hi guys and girls,

This is the weirdest thing ever, i'm actually writing on a non-smoking forum, this just shows how my mind is working right now!!!... I reallllllly need a cig, but I am not going to give in because I keep thinking if i don't do it now I never will, its not been too bad earlier today while I was at work because i only smoke 1 during my break and 1 b4 work., however when I get home I usually smoke around 6 cigs while watching tele and before going to bed.... and this is what i am missing right now, I'm not sure what 2 do with myself, I've opened the fridge door 6 times so far just looking for something to take my mind off it. I've eaten a packet of crisps, 2 apples and some nuts as well as my dinner I had when i got home from work... I know its disgusting but I can't help myself... I usually smoke around 8-9 cigs a day... I've bought some nicotine gum, but only had 1 piece becos I can't stand the way it makes ur mouth feel... This is the 1st full day, please tell me it gets better.... I can't do this every night... the biggest challenge will be when I go 4 a drink 2moro with friends... I usually end up smoking up to 20 cigs whilst having a drink...I'm not sure if i'll enjoy myself without a cig, BUT I HAVE 2 SUCCEED..i am not going to give in becos i want to prove it 2 myself that I am in control of my body, and I don't want2 let myself and my friends down. I 'm not sure how long i'll feel like this though, I think I might just go to bed early tonite!!..

i'm 25 an have been smoking for 7 years.

worried, Ayesha...:(

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Hi there Ayesha

Firstly welcome to the forum, You will find on here other people who will be a source of strength and a wealth of knowledge on the subject of kicking the evil weed.

I would like to congratulate you on you decision to stop smoking a claim back control of your life. I stopped using Champix 22 days ago and I remember all to well how the first few days but you will feel better in the long run.

The best advice I can give to you tonight is to read, read and read some more of the posts on this site.

There are also other webs site full of information on stopping smoking and what to expect over the first few days. You will see Some links in peoples signatures like Margereth. Look for Some of her posts although I'm sure she will reply to your post as she is very helpful;)

Try not to think of this quit as giving up anything and never doubt you decision to quit. It was the right choice so hang in there.

Hi Ayeshe :)

Welcome to the forum and well done on the decision to quit possibly one of the most important you will ever make and you will be losing nothing but you will regain control of your life and that has to be good

You will find all the help and support you need on here as we all help each other just like a family we are here for you every step of the way cheering the good days and sympathiseing with the bad but the good far outweigh the bad

Read the posts on here you will find a lot of tips and advice and in the signatures of a lot you will find links to other sites just click on them Here are 2 I find very good to start you off and Read, read and then read some more as the more you read and learn about why you smoked and about your addiction the easier your quit will be

Enjoy yourself when you go out with your friends, but may I give you a word of advice here

Please be very careful if you have a drink,personally I'd stick to soft drinks for at least a couple of weeks as booze and a fag go together like Strawberries and cream

In the evenings try and keep the fingers busy, do a jigsaw, puzzle book whatever and don't worry about eating a bit more to start with we all get the munchies when we quit

It will get easier for you as you go along this road to freedom we are all travelling I Promise

Best Wishes

Marg xx


Hi guys,

Thanks for the reply Bobross and Magareth, I think those sites a really helpfull, especially the way they make you think that the ciggerette is the enemy and we are fooling ourselves when we ignore all the warning we see everywhere around us... we were actually drug addicts and makes me feel quite sad thinking about it... I t has definately given me a boost of energy reading the tales on those sites... I agree about drinking soft drinks 2 moro, however what happens if I do fine 2morro with the soft drinks but then decide to have an alcoholic drink in 3 wks time, will It be more difficult?, is it not right to face the demon right at the start.?.. no I think ur right I think if I wait around 3-4 wks b4 having an alcoholic drink, i'll already be an official non-smoker and won't have anymore cravings...??? How long will I be craving for?

Well done you!

Hi Ayesha, Welcome to the rest of you life!!!!!!!!!!! I know you have had some great feedback already, remember you have already acheived so much. Each hour not smoking is an hour in your favour remember. If it helps do it by hour, by part day, by day, week etc. Whatever feels acheivable for you. I feel at my worst when I wake in the morning as it was the first thing I did (Well almost!). I now say to myself "I am a non smoker so why am I bothered" get up & get on with it. Its at least helped me get out of bed!!!! Keep at it, we will all help each other :) xxx

Hi Ayesha :D

You asked and then worked it out for yourself about the drink that's good

The cravings don't last long but no one can say for sure how long as it varies from person to person

You don't say if you're using anything as an aid but if you're going C T the nicotine will be out of your system after 3 days

Heres a bit of good news You are already officially a NON SMOKER you became one the second you put out that last fag

Post often to let us know how you're getting on


Marg xxxxxxxx

Hi Ayesha,

welcome to this crazy forum :) I started smoking at 18 as well..... late bloomer :rolleyes: BUT I smoked more than twice as long as you so good on ya!!! Make it through the first 3 weeks or so and you will feel much, much better.... after that it will be mental and as long as you have a positive attitude, you can breeze through it..... the first few days are no fun for most but go day by day and you'll put those days behind you quickly! You can do it :) Take care!!

Hi at least you lasted a full day this was going to have been mine as well but i gave in so i will be watching you as two new ones together,so i do hope you make every day fag free like to day lots of luck pat

Thanks again every 1..

I didn't end up going to my mates for that drink after all, not becos of the fags, just beacause, my mum needed help with moving out... so all my brothers and sisters and friends went down to mums to give her a hand taking boxes and furniture downstairs from a 3rd floor flat and into a removals van and then unloading it all, and then up another flight of stairs, to her new flat..It's been quite a day!!

But thats not the main thing, its actually helped me keep my mind off it... but as soon as I stopped to rest, I needed a ciggerette, this is where the major issue began, I haven't mentioned it earlier, but it's not just me whos stopped smoking, my husband quit on the same day, or I thought he did until today, he hadn't Smoked for the whole of y'day, whilst he was at work and went 2 bed early last nite. However, today at my mums was dreadful as we sat in the car, we had a major argument and he said things like, "when you want to stop smoking, why do u have to drag me into it", becos it's ur decision to stop, if it was my decision to stop, u wouldn't have QUIT", he then made me really upset because my emotions were everywhere today as its my 2nd day, and I REALLY NEEDED a cig, I started to cry, Sob actually, it actually made me cry!!... my husband was quite shocked and I know his emotions and withdrawal symptoms were getting the better of him too. I felt like a junkie, and was telling him to go online and read the web sites i was reading last nite- he didn't listen 2 me... I left the car to go up to my mums flat, and he drove off in the car, when he returned he smelt of freshly sprayed colone and he had chewing gum in his mouth..It cudn't have been my nicotine gum, because I had them with me in my handbagn and I was very upset, I figured that it was definately MY OWN decision in stopping on the 14th May at 3pm, not his, I just wished I'd spoken to him about it first so that we could have done it 2gether... I was at work when I made a final decision, it was such a random moment, I was just so fed up.

I'm sure my hubby is still smoking but I haven't seen or smelt a thing on him, am i being strange?, I also haven't been to the toilet for a number 2 in days, i'm usually very regular and poo every morning everyday, what going on with my body.. I'm going 2 buy some laxatives 2moro morning, because i'm feeling very uncomfortaable, i'm sure its got to do with me quitting, as cigs usually help me poo. usually sit on the loo with a fag in the mornings, You all must think i'm MAD but its true!!, I've spoken to friends about it and theyv'e just advised me to stay strong, I was dying earlier today, but I feel fine now much better than last nite, i hope i feel like this more often, i just can't poo and its so uncomfortable, my belly is bloated, I'm actually thinking of having a cig just so that I can go, all it takes is a drag... but i actually don't even feel like 1 2nite, its not fair!!...HELP


There is a reason for that poo/tummy bloating thing and you can find the explanation for it on one of the links people have posted for you :) It's uncomfortable as heck..... try to drink a glass of water with about 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in the morning right after you wake up.... it should work just as well as a fag and its very healthy :D

Fighting with OH sucks but so very, very common in the beginning of a quit..... hang in there and stay focused..... don't fight with hubby to give yourself a reason to smoke again.... crazy how we do that especially in the beginning of a quit... at least subconsciously!

You may be a bit more emotional.... maybe a bit more pissed off..... you may grieve a bit and feel a bit down BUT it all goes away (actually pretty quickly) so stick it out and don't look back!!!

Take care you! We're rooting for ya :D

Hi Ayesha :D

Well done for not giving in after helping your Mum to move

Your problems with the loo and bloated tummy are all part of the quit I'm afraid, but won't last for long, try drinking lots of water to help but don't go back to smoking

Also you're bound to feel a bit emotional at the moment

If as you think your hubby has caved and gone back to smoking it could be he feels guilty and is consciously or not trying to pick a fight to get you to smoke as well

Just hang in there and remember we're all here for you


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Hi Ayesha,

I am on day 4....I think.... of not smoking, and I even went out on Frid night for a few drinks........I thot for sure that i wasn't going to enjoy myself and was going to be oh soooo grumpy without a fag, but no, apart from a couple of wabbles I was fine.....God bless Champix.When I do have the cravings in a bad way I come on here and read everything I can, it really really helps especially as you see that EVERYONE who is trying to stop is going through the same horrible feelings. I have found that even only after 4 days of not smoking that food tastes very different and am not sure if I like that change. I also had trouble with the pooing :eek: but it soon gets better :)

Keep it up and keep your chin up Ayesha, if I can do it so can you, I was on 30+ rollies a day for 20+ years and am now a NON SMOKER.wooo hoooo

Hi Ayesha

Welcome to the forum, I found this forum invaluable in my early days of stopping smoking. I have stopped over 9 weeks now, I didnt think I'd make it through a morning without smoking, I just took it 5 minutes at a time during my bad moments. These minutes run into hours into days into weeks then months. Lao Tse once said " a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". You will have toughtimes, such is life but a cig isnt a magic wand that will banish your problems, just have to find other coping mechanisms. I was like a woman possessed in the first few weeks, my house looked spotless!! My OH is a smoker so it was hard for me, hes told me that he doesnt want to stop so I just had to deal with it, hes started to go out and smoke now. Just keep the reasons of why you want to stop in the forefront of your mind, you can do it. Keep strong x

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