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ive flipped bought fags today had 4!!!!

i feel so glum i can hardly discuss had 4 fags todays!!!! cant believe how one minute i am so positive & today i just though f**k it it i want some fags!!!! boo hoo not had one since 3pm is - gave the rest away!!! i feel most the time in control but today i wasnt reallt that stressed about anything just felt a big almighty urge!!! not told my partner although hed understand n support me i feel too emabarrased to talk about it!!! signing off for now need some encouragement!!!:( :(

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Hi Aww now don't feel too glum chum - get back up on that big 'ole horse and ride again!!!:D Hey ....don't worry just a little blip you are doing soooo well - stick with it and don't happy:)



its ok


Remebr how great you have been doing, one little slip is nothing to worry about.

This is when the big phantom cravings come out of no where. Now that you have had one, you know how strong they are you can be better prepared. Keep some gum or somthing handy. They will be around for a week or two then vanish. so keep your chin up! And KEEP GOING!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Kitkat

Sorry to hear about your little slip just make sure it stays that a slip. Dont worry to much its not the end of the world just carry on you are doing so very well Kitkat you can do it Love Linda



don't beat yourself up!!

Think about what you have achieved!

couple or 4 cigs blip!? :rolleyes: big deal!

You got through it before and you will again! your bigger than them!

Onwards and upwards, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, hold your head high and walk on!


thanks everyone for help i feel better today

:) im still on my gum had no more cigs since yesterday i just need to pretend it never happened so i can move on and continue this journey of life without fags because if i keep dwelling on yesterday it will just make it worse so onwards n upwards u know i honestly thought id cracked it 4months + 2weeks ago i was a addicted smoker who never thought i could live without fags & twice now i have had stupid urges to smoke - maybe i should be proud that the fags havent beaten me for now & that i am continuing with this even if it takes the rest of my life i will never give up giving up yeah (moods ate very weird see positive today) xxxxx


error on spelling last post

meant to say moods are very weird ( not ate!!!)


'Moods ate very weird' :D hehe sounds funnier!

You go girl!

Not to dwell indeed! you done so well can't let all that time go over a momentary lapse of reason x x

x x honest you rock, dead proud of you! x x


Hi Glad you're feeling better - having come so far there's no going back - you are brilliant you know....

Loopy XX


well gang f**ked up again today......

hi all I really need to take a check of my head & control my fags had 3 fags today!!! i better sign out forums for a bit until i have something positive to say that sticks - same old story lately!!! embarrassed/glum/mixed up kitkat - but the worse thing is i actually am starting to enjoy the odd fag!!!! which i know will end up back to square one!!!!

so a big thank you to everyone whos supported, helped me & made me laugh at hard times & a even bigger good luck in your own quitsxx- im just either heading one way or the other back or forward?!!! WAtch this space....


Hi Kitkat - Don't feel bad or like a gloom miester - that's why we come on here to sound off to like minded people, we're all the same.....just remember we'll still be here for you - stick with us???

Loopy XX


KitKat x x

It's become a bit of a struggle for you at the moment I can see and understand that x x

As you say forward or backward is the only way what I can't see is that you acknowledge this is in your choice! it's not going to be either one or the other by chance!!

An odd blip is going to make it tougher of course! but at this time you can still will yourself forward and start to reward yourself again for each day passed without a cig, try and pull up the early days to get you through to the good side again x x x x

Take 10 mins to close your eyes and go back to when you smoked, how bad did the desperation get? how hard was the quit? how did you smell? all those original reasons you quit, would you really want to be like that again?

Don't allow yourself to forget how hard you have worked and how far you have come x x doesn't have to be all or nothing, it's easier to keep getting back up rather than having to run to catch up over and over again x x

Take it easy getting upset with yourself and feeling bad will put you in a rut.

Keep in touch Kit Kat x

Hold your head up and smile, whatever x x x x


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