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today is day 4, day 15 of champix. I think im going MAD!! saw Doc today, he seems to think that im within the 1% that Champix doesnt work on. No side effects, a bit of anxiety but gone since i reduced coffee. and the constant want, need of a smoke. He encouraged i keep taking them but i wonder what will happen if i stop. I so just want a cigarette, i can actually feel it but i wont allow myself. I am now a non smoker! no more no less. Every moniute of everyday, the craving is constant. Doc recomended nicorette lozenges, but i figure ive gone 4 days with none, why put that back into my system. Anyways rant over, im so hoping tomorrow will be better :(

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I know the nicotine should be out of your system but if the doc thinks lozenges will help I would try one. The subconscious can play tricks on you. I've taken an odd lozenge and it has worked. Anything that helps is fine. In my opinion coming off the nicotine is the least of it.


Hang in there, you have done so well already! If you prefer to go ct try regular gum, exercise, deep breathing, meditation, tea, housework, timing your cravings, reading everything you can about the monster, food (if you must)... List goes on and on. I have quit ct before and it has been the fastest way to get over physical witdrawl symptoms. However, I ended up being such a nasty bxxx towads my family that going with gum this time. Do whatever it takes to get over that single craving, it will pass!




I stopped on day 10 of using Champix and I have now been quit for 13 days, I remember thinking that it wasn't working for me, in the first 3/4 days as I was still craving (I think it was craving, it may have been the habbit), and thinking about fags every minute, but please keep going as it does get easier. You will find you are thinking/craving less and less.

You have done so well, keep going, we are all in the same boat :)


There is no shame in using little extra help if it keeps you off the fags!! I found the gum great, just 2mg!


Just as an update. In the beginning, like most people, I thought breaking free from nicotine was going to be hard. I thought that until I had been free of it for a while. A couple of months ago I kept being anxious and in the end I had a lozenge and it worked. I didn't need another one. I have been quit for 7 1/2 months and have had what I'm calling cravings, even though I know they can't be, for a few days. Today, I tried another lozenge and that worked too. I'll see how long it lasts but at the moment I don't care if I need to take more as long as I don't smoke. I don't know what my subconscious is playing at but it isn't going to get the better of me :)


Good for you Una

Good for you Una - you're certainly being very strong. The sub-conscious needs to be put in its place as it loves to be in the driving seat. I'm so pleased you're not smoking - it never solves anything.:)


Hi Peta

Sorry your having a hard time just now, it's horrible when our every waking moment is dominated by thoughts of smoking but it will lessen.

I know it's hard but we've just got to keep reminding ourselves of why we are doing this and the reasons why we want to quit. It's such a double edged sword because our brain is trying to convince us otherwise but the 'cravings' or these thoughts will weaken gradually and we can overcome them it we try.

I shouldn't be giving advice because I'm one of the world's worst serial quitters but I am sticking with this one, come what may.

If the lozenges help don't feel guilty about taking them - chilled grapes sometimes work for me and even just putting some music on and trying to relax seems to take the edge off any cravings that pop up. It's not easy but it can be done, we've just got to try staying patient and positive.

Good luck

Evie xx


Hi Peta, the early days are hard I remember them well but as the other's have said if you feel like you need some help then have it. I quit using Champix and I swear by them. We are all different and you must do whatever it takes as long as you dont smoke. Good luck keep going and you will get there!:)


Good morning Everyone, thank you so much for all your posts. Today i feel good so far ( ive only been awake 20 mins) but hopefully today will be better than the past 4. It was so good to wake up to all your positive comments :)

If i had have know how hard this was going to be i never would have take that first puff so many years ago


snow....brrrrr im in sunny queensland australia :)


Keep going

I went cold turkey 24 days ago and when i get a craving i stay positive inhale a big deep breath through my nose and at the same time i REMEMBER why i want to be a none smoker AND THEN SMILE and trust me that craving becomes so insignificant (it hates the smile and that lovely fresh air, the monster goes of in a humph because it knows it can not beat me because everytime it fails it knows its getting weaker) ..................because that fresh air beats any dirty smoke.

It gets easier and easier as each day goes bye, it may not seem like it does at this moment in time but stick with it and you WILL see............. :D:D:D:D


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