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hi its only been 17 days since i gave up , and i cant believe that im actually getting annoyed with smokers , i look at them in disgust when they are gasping on their cigs before going in a shop or coughing their guts up and still getting one more drag out their fag ,now when my husband doesnt feel well with anything i think its because you smoke , why have i suddenly become all saintly like ive never smoked , does anyone else feel like this ?

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A liitle

I do a little, but its so rewarding looking at them and thinking GOSH i used to be like that and now look at me and look what ive achieved.

I know it sounds selfish but we need those smokers just to remind our self's how dirty and disgusting smoking actually on my 23rd day now and im never smoking again, this new life is just to good to throw away :o:D:o:D

I can go from one end to the other... from digusted to being jealous... "ah thats aweful, stop blowing that cancer air towards me an my child" OR "oh no, why did I stop, I wish I could still do that... mmmm smells nice"... :o



both those posts made me laugh , (will power) i never thought about needing smokers like that before,but you are right it does spur you on with your quit, (roosa) bit the same ,if someone is walking towards me blowing smoke my way i give them such a filthy look , but if im walking behind them i breathe it all in thinking ahh those were the days :)

You guys are tempting me to go out and stalk some smokers now :p

Second hand smoke, better than nothing... just KIDDING!

Haha this thread made me giggle, last few days I've been following the tails of smokers just to get a whiff, I don't feel like I want one today but I do like the smell!! Must look mad chomping on the mini lozenges!!!!

Having said that I would rather smell that than BO, shit breath and someone's sweaty arse. Some non smokers need to realise its not just smokers who smell and start cleaning their teeth, showering and changing their cacks :mad:


Really funny! I haven't smelled a sweaty arse since I stopped playing rugby years ago - Karri you must have an unfortunate job??

I understand the feeling. I find myself turning my nose up at smokers and feeling a bit of disgust. The worse part is that I used to look at non-smokers who did that as being snooty. Yet here I am on the other side! My conclusion, it is better to be snooty and stay quit than to be complacent and pick it up again. I can always work on the snooty later. I imagine it will be much easier to quit snooty than fags. :D


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