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So, my counter thingy on my phone has just gone to 1 month. Yay, I've done a month. Well, I don't feel much like celebrating to be honest.

I feel bl***y miserable. I literally can not stop eating and I feel disgusting and fat. :(:(:(

I feel tired, sicky and like i have a cold (but then it doesn't come to anything). Ok so I might just be sick but it seems to be related somehow to not smoking.

I don't even want a cigarette. I hate them. I'm not tempted to give in but keep stuffing my face with sweets, mints and pretty much anything I can get my hands on just to replace the habit and it's making me feel gross. I'm about to go to bed because I'm so irritable it's the only thing I can think of that will help me!

I know everyone goes through these feelings, I've read it on the forum but I just needed to get it off my chest. It's worked already as I'm not quite as angry now!!!

Thanks forum, much appreciated :p:):D:D

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Popo725 Years Smoke Free

You are doing fantastic and sound a bit like me. I felt crap for a long time. I promise it gets better. That cold thing is you probably clearing the crap out and fat wins over smoking any day.

You just keep at it and each month it will get better and better. I know it's hard to see it when your blood is boiling but it really does.


Hi Gem,

Everything you've said rings true for me about a year ago! The eating does calm down but in the meantime, have you tried frozen grapes? Google it, they're supposed to be better than sex and they're GOOD for you :D

Keep going Gem, you've got a fantastic attitude and being a little snippy wont hurt anyone long term

The sleep thing was the hardest thing for me but all these things sort themselves out and then it's flipping awesome!!! :D

Molly x

Thanks Paul

I see you went cold turkey too. That's been my method this time. All other attempts were unsuccessful hence why I'm quitting again!

I am determined to power through this. I'm so pleased I have joined this forum because the time it takes to post something is normally the time it takes for the cravings to go.

I just expected to feel a bit better than this a month down the quitting road. Onwards and upwards I suppose!



Thanks Molly

I will certainly look into the grapes! They sound great and much healthier than the pear drops I have been scoffing!

I am trusting the word of the people on here that it gets better! Just gotta stick with it. Damn the nicotine monster, I hate it!!!


It really does get better chuck.

You won't be able to believe the difference in just a few short weeks.

For me it was a combination of a good nights sleep, feeling like a sane (not about to be sectioned mad woman) person, realising how much easier walking fast was, the fact that my feet were warm all the time instead of feeling like blocks of ice, and, finally, realising I am a strong person and as Hawkeye would say, I will not be beaten by a plant.

That's you too Gem, it's brilliant when you realise that :D

Popo725 Years Smoke Free

I promise it will come and it will feel great. I always used to gauge how I felt by looking back a few weeks and every time I felt a little better than I had. And before I knew it I felt great and didn't even think about the horror I was.

I remember Molly's sleeplessness as well. I am surprised she did not murder somebody and deserves a saint hood for getting through it. We all sighed on here when she did get a nights sleep. Lol.

So yes it is hard, there will be times you hate everybody and times when you're crying cause you love everybody. You have taken away something your body got used to and now it is panicking. Give it a few weeks and you'll be skipping. Just do not give your body any more nicotine and it will balance out. Promise.


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