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Week 3 Wahay :)

What a great feeling to get this far, we're good at this aren't we? :D

Up-date on my strange night i was in the mini-mart in Walford (am i addicted to soaps now lol) anyhow, Denise left the shop for a bit & i was wiping down the counter, i kept looking at the Red Band & thinking if i had a packet i could sneakily smoke them, (never smoked Red Band in my life!) then i reminded myself i didn't want to smoke anymore & gave Denise a cuddle when she returned as i was so proud of myself.

Couple of nights after, i dreamt i was with friends & i was chain smoking! was so relieved to wake & realise it was a dream :eek:

Hang in there everyone, it does get easier this quit malarky, if you truly want to do it you can, i've proved that by getting this far.

Thank you to everyone on this's the best NRT you can get :)

Trudy x

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Hey Trudy

That just made me lol on the bus! Loving week 3 already but yet to have any crazy dreams! I'll keep you posted!

Congrats on week 3!




Thanks Han,

Ive had the strange dreams for just over a week, really vivid. In one i was best friends with Gail & Nick Tilsley! :confused: & another, i was a nurse sent to feed a patient a cherry yoghurt, she turned out to be 6 inches tall with wooden spoons as arms & hands & she ate the lot, the pot was bigger than her lol...really think i'm going ever so slightly mad :D

Lots of luck with your quit, i'll keep you posted on the dreams lol

Trudy x


Hey Fluff!


Weird dreams or not, sounds like you are doing fab with your quit! Hurrah!

I had a really weird dream first few days I stopped - apparently I rolled myself into a fag though i wasn't certain whether I was going to light up and smoke myself or whether somebody else was going to smoke me! Ha! Pretty scary if you ask me. No thanks!

Our subconscious goes mad when we change something as ingrained as fags have been!

Very, very pleased you are doing so well chick! keep going!





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