Week 3!

Hi all,

hope you are doing well. I am wondering what has happened to Deano and Clarkey. Hope you haven't bailed out!! Anyway, I am hanging on in there at day 15 or 16. Ran out of patches this morning and went to chemist to get some more. But there are no strong ones left. So have to wait till 3.30. They have ordered them for me. This is not ideal and I am feeling a bit jumpy. There are also 2 fags belonging to the bf on the table, but, happy to say, i am not going to smoke them. So pleased with myself that I can be so strong. cos it is tempting. I miss smoking so much. Sorry, but I do. Not all the fags, but the key ones. No amount of brain-washing will convince me that I didn't enjoy those fags.

However, I have accepted my addiction and realise that I cannot allow myself the luxury of the best fags as I would also have to smoke all the rest. Quite simply, I choose not to smoke any at all.

These are the ramblings of a nicotine-starved addict who is swithering under the weight of temptation. I will fight to the death and not give in. Hope you are all doing well.

It is so much better not smoking. Feel healthier, look gorgeous and even my own cooking tastes fab. Highly recommend it!!

take care


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  • Well done Rachel :D

    Yikes, should have got your patches yesterday hun!!! You hang on, not long to go now.

    As for bf ciggies, stamp on them till they are just weeny pieces, I am sure he will understand lol.

    Gaynor xx

  • Day 15 or 16...cranking through them, putting good distance between you being a smoker and you being an ex-smoker.

    Keep focussed on what you have undoubtedly planned on doing for ages (I remember posting to you on previous occasions ;) )

    What was the mantra of last year? Oh yeah...Read, Read, Read

    Yes, the looking good and feeling good aspect is a tremendous spur...even for me *sigh*

    Whilst you wait for 3.30pm to come around squeeze the toothpast out of the opened tube and just leave it lying there....today's mild act of rebellion :cool:

  • Hi rachel

    15 days + is just brill......I would have freaked at having to wait for my patch so early in quit...your doing very well btw. The fags on the table too ...You seem strong & should feel very proud. :)

  • Hi rachel sorry to say i,v had a bad time,my dad has passed away i,v started smoking saturday.By no means do i intend to carry on, its not an excuse i really want to quit, tomorrow, maybe i will, i know it will be hard because of the funeral.Glad your doing well, proud of you, keep it up and that go's for you all well done:(.

  • Hi Deano,

    So sorry to hear your sad news. I was on a quit when my dad died also so know where you are coming from. You have more important things to cope with just at this moment in time. My thoughts are with you.

    Gaynor xx

  • Hi

    Hi Deano,

    So sorry to hear about your dad. I remember you telling us he was very ill and I admired you for even trying to give up the fags at such an upsetting time. This just goes to show how strong you are. I lost my dad about a year ago, and, god, it is tough. I only managed to consider quitting again until recently, so don't even think about doing it until you feel ready. In fact, I have dedicated this quit to him and I am sure he is watching over me as I am doing so well so far. Thanks for taking the time to post as well, I was wondering what had happened to you. I hope you get through the funeral O.K and and that you have friends and family around you. My thoughts go out to you and yours tonight. Take care xox

  • Just read this, so sorry Deano.

  • Hi Rachel, by now you will have fetched your new patches so I hope you are feeling a lot more positive, in the days of so many quitting you wouldn’t think the chemist would run out would you, shows that they are not really geared up for all the hype that the government is dishing out.

    I have to agree with you that there are some cigs I still miss and think maybe I always will but the choice to quit was mine so I will have to learn to live with it as many more before me have done.

    I must admit I do feel better (I think) not going to say I look gorgeous either, cause I don’t think I ever have but we can’t all be beautiful LOL You enjoy your new smoke free life and continue to be gorgeous and I’m told that if you think young and beautiful you will always be it.

  • Thanks for your kind words,always great support on here.Rachel after the funeral i will quit next week determined, watch this space and well done you keep it up.Your not missing anything not smoking i feel blocked up and groggy,the 10 days i did not smoke felt great.;).

  • Thanks all

    Hi, thanks so much for your supportive comments. I managed to survive until I got my next fix. Bloody chemist. But it is the only one in the district so I was a captive customer, if you know what I mean. The guy in the chemist is cutting down himself and he has done so using the electric cigarette. You can recharge it like a memory stick in your computer. He let me have a puff (strangley ignoring the cold sore on my lip!, yeah i know I said i was looking gorgeous, just positive thinking) and it was quite funny how the smoke came out although it is just water vapour. There is nothing harmful in it at all. You buy refills in packs of three or four. He said he has cut down a lot cos he uses it when on his computer. But i declined the offer cos I think it would just make me pick up the fags again. I am sort of undecided about the merits of this product. Costs 50 euros, but then you need to buy the refills. All very strange, but quite fun, like the sweety cigarettes of old. Shame you can't get them any more, I would be fine on them. You can also get the cheaper version which is just a plastic cig with something ressembling a tobaccco product in it. No smoke, but you get some sort of hit. As it only costs a pound, it is probably rat poison. Still, these fake fags are good for a night out I reckon. Good for mime artists as well.

    Jamangie, glad you are doing well and yeeah , I agree, the chemist should be stocked up on these products. They never run out of methadone!

    Deano, what can I say? You are a trooper. It is funny how all my failed quits have occurred just when I am physically starting to feel pretty good and then I think, well, I am fit to smoke again. Then, just as you say, a week or so later, I feel terrible again and start planning my next quit. This vicious circle does grind you down and you end up feeling like a mouse on a wheel. Dignity and reason replaced by confusion and frustration. But take it easy, and don't take on too much stress until you feel ready. So glad to hear that you are already getting your resolve in gear. You can do this and you WILL do it, no doubt about it. But don't beat yourself up if it takes time to get started. You are clearly determined, and it is good to have that goal in mind.

    I know it's been said so often, but if I can give up, anyone can. So, chin up, and take care. Hope you are O.K


  • Deano - I'm so sorry to hear your news. I think it's great that you're keeping your resolve to quit, but please don't beat yourself up too much, just take things a day at a time.

    Rachel - great to hear you made it through the wait for the patches! What is it now, day 17 or 18? Hope you're still feeling good! I've been really busy the last few days, which is good stuff as it means I've hardly thought about smoking (oh if only that was true!). Still, i think it's GETTING EASIER :D I'm still here ... so is my sore throat, tight chest, and general exhaustion, but I think this time I might've broken the back of it. I think I feel healthier ... actually I just look knackered! It's definitely good not having to work my day around when I want a cig though. But, yeah, I agree with you I do miss the good ones. But then we'll never just have those ones will we? One day at a time ... soon we'll be in week 4!

  • Hiya

    Hi, Clarkey,

    so glad you are still with us. Delighted you are doing so well. Yeah, i think we all agree that there are fags that we will always miss. But it is all or nothing, So let's choose nothing. I too enjoy not having to plan my fag breaks and find I am not trying to skulk off to a quiet corner all the time. So more sociable all round. Who would have thought?!

    I think I feel a bit healthier, but am just concentrating on getting through each day without smoking. I will appreciate the benefits at some point, maybe I am in denial.

    Anyway, take care and keep on going, you seem very positive, so good on you. It's all about attitude really. I must try to be more upbeat about the whole process. Feel like a mill stone round my own neck at times, at others as light as a fairy cake. C'est la vie!


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