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Hi everyone, really pleased with myself, just made my first 24hrs! :D

I've tried to give up in the past but without success as i was'nt enthusiastic enough about my reasons & the benefits, however this time i've entered into this journey with a positive attitude & am being honest with myself & others.

I know i will probably have days where i could scream, but with the help of this site & you lovely like-minded people i know i will get through them.

It's encouraging to see so many people here making this life changing decision. Here's hoping we can make this ride less bumpy for each other. Best wishes, Trudy :)

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Well done :D

If you're going into your quit with a positive attitude then that's fab 'cos you're well on the way already!!

Good luck :)



Thanks Gemma, reading posts on this site has helped no end.

Thanks for your support & well done, you're doing really well.

Trudy :)


Well done Fluff! I was wondering how you were getting on today

You're staying strong and positive, you've got this half beat already with your attitude!

Molly x


Thanks Molly, new to the site so just finding my way round at the moment.

I've read some really helpful & inspiring posts, so really think finding this site was a godsend :)

Looking forward to marking my Quit days on my calender, really excited about this whole journey.... i know i'll have difficult times but long may this positive feeling stay.



Now come on ladies and gents.........

Round of appluase for Trudy!!

Yeeeaaaaahhhhhhh! :)

Well done so far.

Hold on to that positivity as it will help you so much as time goes on.

Why not start a January 2013 Social Group to keep you busy?

There are so many new people on over the last couple of days you can band together - hold each others hands - and help yourselves through this! :)

Wishing you all the strength in the world for your quit

Take care



One day under your belt Trudy, well done. Keep posting and letting us know how you are doing, especially when it's difficult!


Thank you so much Greg for such a warm welcome :)

Not sure how to start a new social group-told you i was new to this haha;)



Thank you Biggrin, will do....everyone's support is so important.

What a great site with lovely people :D

Take care



Well done fluff!

Very well done! First 24 hours are a b*tch! Best of luck over next few days, I also gave up yesterday so hopefully we can keep in touch and spur each other along!

Nik x


Definitely Nik, haven't got a clue how to use this site but will add you on my friends list so i can find you easily.....i say add you, you'll be my first lol

We'll do this together :)

Take care



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