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Hi everyone

Just stumbled across this forum and after a bit of advice. I have smoked for around 15 years and smoke approximately 5 to 10 a day. I went to a smoking cessation clinic last week, my Carbon monoxide reading came up as that of a non smoker and was advised to start on Champix. I took my first one today and within an hour of taking felt sick and had a headache..(I'm not normally a wimp or moan about taking tablets btw) but am now really worried after reading the possible side effects these cause. I know its diffferent for everyone and i really want to quit but just now wondering if i should have tried patches/ gum etc as a first treatment rather than go straight onto Champix as this is my first ever try to quit.:)

Any advice grateful... I am due to go back to the smoking cessation clinic this friday for a follow up app

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  • Champix

    Hi Laura 104

    I stopped smoking using Champix and it helps if you take Champix with food. Personally, I think Champix is worth persevering with. For me, it's the only thing that worked although everyone is different.

    One thing I have observed about giving up smoking is that the method of stopping is a personal choice, and it has to feel right psychologically.

    All the best with your quitting:)

  • Champix really worked well for me....but I didnt work well with champix...I was sick and dizzy for 3 weeks big the point where I thought I infact had a brain tumour...but they worked and I stopped for a lot of months....out of everything I have ever tried to stop smoking champix is the just wasnt the best for me....cold turkey has been the toughest thing I have ever done but I havent felt sick or dizzy. I think you have to experiment at first and find out whats best for you....

  • Hi I have really struggled with Champix for the first few weeks but I am now feeling better it really does help to take them with food, good luck :)

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