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Advice needed before going back to work please


Stopped smoking last Saturday, so on Day 7. Was forced to stop because of chest infection/flu. Been off work all week, but probably going back on Monday. My problem is (and this has happened several times over the years) is that as soon as I start to feel better, I start smoking again. I'm DETERMINED not to do that this time, but I am anxious about going back to work and changing the habits/routines that I have. Most of the people I spend time with at work (on breaktimes/lunchtimes) are smokers. I dont want to feel isolated and have to sit on my own like billynomates - any suggestions on how to break my routines/not feel isolated/survive as a NON SMOKER?

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Hello there.

I thought that would be the case for me too. I actually used to enjoy spending time with other smokers during work time. But as long as you can stay focused you should be fine. The people that i used to smoke with still talk to me (which is always a bonus!) and strange as it sounds non-smokers now talk to me more. I think its because i dont smell of fags :rolleyes:

When i quit i was working short weeks because my children were on holiday, so i found that easier too.

I have also made a point of doing everything i did whilst i smoked, ie drink some wine, meet people, stand with smokers, drive the car, eat!!!! And after a week off the smokes you should be just in the right zone to take on your next little wall to climb.

Good luck :)


can't fault the good advice given by manny there at all. Nice post manny.

You gotta ask yourself one thing.. as your workmates smoke, do you actually need to smoke also to be accepted and spoken to by them? I would hope the answer you find is 'no'. That in mind, the only things you need to really do is say 'no thanks' if they offer you one, nor ask them for one. Let them do their thing, or do as i did.. watch them (not too closely hehe) as they smoke.. do they really honestly look any better for having a smoke?

I found that by staring the temptation in the face, but looking to see what it was i was giving up that i was able to break a number of the 'desires'.

There is nothing wrong whatsoever in giving up smoking, you don't suddenly lose friends because you stop and you are not sacrificing anything.. you are gaining so much more.

All you are needing to do here now and you know it all too well, is break the chain of events that has repeatedly led you back to the addiction feeding before. you know how easy it is to start again, so just don't. Theres no glamour in starting again, you just feel gutted that you did.


Hi Lisa :D

I never faced the problem of returning to work this time round having been forced to retire for health reasons [now completely recovered]

But why not just tell work mates/colleagues that you've given up and tell them not to offer you a fag please




Hey Maggie,

welcome to the forum! Most excellent advice given already (nice one, Manny!)

Getting nicotine out of your body is the easy part....... the tougher part is what you mention..... breaking all associations with smoking, changing your routine, and adapting to your new and healthy life style.... for some it is easy, for some scary and difficult. The easy way or the tough way...... either one leads to freedom and it is very do-able.

This forum is filled with excellent resources and great people who are ready to help you out.... you are not alone in this ;) Knowledge is power and it will make your journey easier.... so follow advice above, read, post, and don't worry about next week or next month. One day at a time okay :) Good luck!


I think Manny has summed up the truth of the matter right there.

However, with regards to working with smokers, I have had that to contend with too, and pals too, and funnily, people I have known for years absolutely reek like an ashtray now, and I find it difficult to talk closely to them, especially after they have just smoked. God knows how my best mate who is a non-smoker put up with the stink of me for all these years!!!!!

There will be difficult moments on your quit, social smoking is definately one of them, however, these are obsticles you will have to overcome, and I can assure you, by week 6, you won't give fags a second though, and you will be standing with your smoking friends banging on at them to give up like all good ex-smokers do. Hang in there, and tough it out, sometimes minute by minute if you have to!


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