No Smoking Day
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It's been a funny old day!

Day 13 has been a strange one so far....not really desperate to smoke but couldn't really get my head round my "lost" feeling, tried to keep myself busy & not ****yse my every thought! feeling a lot better now in that respect & going to get myself ready for work.

Physically, i feel like my insides are having a sort out, various aches & slight pains, bowels & chest mainly, hoping this is normal & will pass as have felt fine since day one. Roll on tomorrow when i hope all these symtoms have disappeared :(

Week 3 tomorrow, so proud & so determined :)

Keep going gang, hope you're all feeling well.

Trudy :)

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Hi Trudy

The lost feeling stays with you for some time but like everything else with this quitting lark, it passes.

The best thing you can do is just give it time and we can't give it time without...well....just not smoking again today :)

In the beginning I felt like I had suffered a death in the family....something was gone.

Now, I'm so glad it's gone ... I'd do a little dance if my legs didn't ache so much after 25 miles cycling yesterday....and I would never have even contemplated doing that whilst still smoking.

So I suppose it's not what we've lost it's opening our eyes, hearts and minds to .... what we've gained :)

Here's to 3 weeks for you.....might have to have a glass of wine to celebrate.....any excuse :D

Well done, stay strong and take care



keep going trudy!

Hiya trudy,

Great work so far, keep it up! I'm not feeling any sense of loss. Emotionally I'm pretty much totally normal...which is good! My skins looking much fresher ,and brighter....I've regained like a youthful complexion lol woopeee!!! Todays been fine for me, went for a swim, and have lazed around all afternoon. Off to grans for sunday dinner. Looking forward to it. My gran was my main reason for quitting....she always moaned at me for smoking!!! So she should be happy. My bros wife will be smoking though....but I'm sure ill be fine! But it is the 'first time' I've been to grans since my quit. And sometimes the 'first times' you go oh, I normally smoke here. But ill be cool :-) (and ill get some GREAT tucker!)

Has any of the jan quitter or dec quitters got The cough yet? I'm kinda hoping I've missed it! But don't know when your supposed to get it....



No cough just a sore head ( shouldn't drink whiskey watching football highlights!). Long empty day today, up far too early, I have to stop eating! my fingers are never out of the bloody biscuit tin. Back to work tomorrow- a welcome distraction. Day 14 tomorrow that calls for cake- no stop thinking about food.


Yayyy Trudy you're doing really well :)

The only time I get a bit edgy is after i've eaten - and I can't stop eating at the moment, so get edgy & eat more :eek: So soon i'll have clear lungs but will also be starring in a channel 5 documentary for obesity!! :D

Keep going, we can do this...

Denise x ( day 12 :cool: )


Nope, no cough (and I'm almost at week 7) which had actually been worrying me a bit! Either my lungs aren't as bad as I feared, or they're worse and the cough is taking longer to arrive because they're still not recovering...or something else...?

I'd expected to be coughing up loads of black and green gunk but my wife's (never-smoker) cough is worse than mine!

Never mind, feel great! Well done Trudy and keep going all.:)


Well done and keep us inspired Trudy......I have been feeling changes to the body too......the pain in my throat sent voices in my head suggesting smoking would ease the was almost convincing but eventually after distraction for 10 mins my sensible part of the brain (and that must be my smallest front lobe) told me smoking to ease pain is a ridiculous thing to do.......

Nicotine is everyone's worse enemy..... it takes time to get the hint to get lost......


Wow - wee! Three weeks?


It feels like yesterday when we messaged each other on the day 1 room! I can't believe we're getting into week three. (is it tomorrow btw or Tuesday? I have it down for Tuesday).

Really pleased we have got this far, but I sort of now know that we'll go all the way to the penthouse! Apparently its really cool in there.

I can't wait to find out.

As for the lost feelings, thanks so much Greg for appeasing all us newbies that it eventually goes. No matter how positive you try to be, smoking was part of everything in our lives so its nice to know that we'll feel normal maybe as quickly as a few months down the line!

Simonp! Stop talking about cake. And food. I'm stuffed with tea and have just eaten two choc ices. And now thinking of cake! Argh!




Thank you's all good!

Thanks for all the posts you lovely people you x

Think my physical stuff was my gastritis creeping back in (probably all the chocolate ;) ) so got another prescription to sort that out.

Have felt great today yippee! Think it's because i've been busy & haven't really thought about it.

Last night at work i realised that i must have just been having a bit of a down time, because i knew i really didn't want to smoke & never want to again. I have felt so much happier since day 1, less stressed & more energy, after 42 years i have finally come to my senses.....bit slow on the uptake me :o lol, what a waste of time, money & healthy tissue...let the healing begin :D

Nik, it is Tuesday, think i was trying to get to the penthouse a little sooner lol, we will step over the threshold together :cool:

Trudy x


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