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Team D-Day..I'm sorry

hi guys,

I'm really ashamed to have to report I lapsed last night - feel really BAD about it and am gonna take myself back to Day 1 tomorrow...

Many mitigating circumstances BUT bottom line is I gave in..:mad::o

Think you'd betta remove my name from the team as you guys are all doing SO SO WELL & I'm thrilled for you and will keep reading yr posts..

One thing I will say is if anyone ever feels tempted it made me feel SO ILL and did not solve my problems - they are still there and I've let myself and you guys down..

So, my new quit date is tomorrow March 18th - the rest of you STICK WITH IT:D

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aww hun, most of us have blipped a couple of times, you now know how yuk they are!

your doing the right thing by restarting your quit :D


thanks for your support...

nicky x


Im sure you wont be taken off the team!!! you went off and had a cigg, you came back to report to your team " Yep smoking is Sh*t and it solves nothing - confirmed"


Nicky ---stay with the team ( with a minor blip).

I think if everyone who had a little blip had to go back to day one everytime, it could be disheartning.

Stick with us Nicky , you know you want to:)

Barb x


I'd love to stay with the team as long as everyones happy with that?

I'll watch this space, see what they say:)



Hi Nicky

Well even if you've had a minor set back, you name is staying firmly on my Team list. We're all here to support you through good times and bad.

stay strong :)


dont Qiitt

Hi nicky.

we want you with the team, we can all help one another in giving-up.

we know that it was not going to be easy. we are all geting craving. next

time, just talk to some one on here. and you will get all the help you need..

the very best to you...



What an absolutely fantastic team you lot are.

Nicky - you jump back in again tomorrow.

With all this support you can only succeed.:D


Don't be too hard on yourself

Hey Nicky, don't beat yourself up too much, so wat, you had a blip and that's all it was, but you are now back on track and hopefully stronger for it. Seriously, next time you feel like you're gonna break, come on here. That's what I did last nite, I was desperate and in tears, everyone helped and I got through thanks to everyone on here. I think I would have failed otherwise. Although at the time it is really hard, I got through it. So stick with us and you will be fine.:):)


ditto what beau said, nicky. Don't worry about slipping today, I come close to it loads of times! arrghhh

How you feeling today then beau? A bit better than yesterday?


Am cool

Yeh, I am okay thanx, okay meaning "No" I havnt had one. Yesterday was not a good day but am feeling stronger today and more positive, although still hard, it's nice to almost be touching 1 week!!! I think the more time you can get under your belt the stronger you become. Well that's my theory and I'm sticking with it.x:D



If you think you're getting out of Team D-Day that easily then think again ;)

These things happen, so i'm afraid you're stuck with us.

Minor hiccup, but If it happens again we'll have to think of a forfeit :)

Hang on in there :)

I have been quit for 5 Days, 20 hours, 10 minutes and 5 seconds (5 days). I have saved £24.08 by not smoking 175 cigarettes. I have saved 14 hours and 35 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 12/03/2008 00:00


Thanks SO much guys - really appreciate your support:D

I will do it this time ....

Big congrats to all the team going thru to Day7 tomorrow..

Off to bed now, to re-start rest of my life as NON SMOKER:)

nicky x


Hats off to TEAM D-DAY

For me, this thread epitomises what is great about this forum. Support and understanding.

back on the saddle now nicky, you will be stronger for this friend.

Well done guys


hey! you don't need to start all over again, I had a blip last Friday night and everyone was so good, tbh if you feel bad with yourself then that is punishment enough.



Hi all,

It has been a tough week for me to be strong to fight against the habit. I did win at the end. But to honest I tried to smoke today, testing out after a successful week. It tasted really awful. I didnt want to go back to my original brand thinking I might get the taste back, so bought Silk cut Silver, which I thought was low in Nictone, Tar etc. Lighted up, felt like vomiting. threw it out, just few puffs had a headache for 3hrs. Had to neutralize with coffee. Took the packet to toilet and put it under tap. Didnt even bother to give it to my friend, whom I know smokes. I didnt want to encourage anyone for this habit, which I find difficult to leave.

But sometimes I feel I can smell of cigi smoke in me. Initially I thought somebody was smoking...heheh...

Also tried Nicorette chewing gum, I dunt like the taste of it. So I am just sticking on with nothing.

I have a suggestion to others, try to advertise more among your friends, colleagues etc. that you have quit. Atleast that feeling, if they happen to see you smoke, you would be ashamed to come up with excuses. That way you will try NOT to smoke. It has worked out for me.

Good luck to rest who have had a small blip (including me, eventhough I wanted to try). Do I go back to day one? senior memebers plz advice.



Yep. Definitely tell anyone and everyone that you are quitting! I even told all the guys down the local shop lol

On a really bad day last week, I ended up going down there to buy some cigs. Got all the way to the counter too but I just couldn't do it. They all knew I was trying to quit and I felt ashamed at the thought of buying some. Also, it was thanks to my quit smoking buddies that I never caved! You know, I went into the shop and headed to the confectionary section to run things through my head. Had this kinda battle going on lol One side telling me to hell with it and just buy some cigs, the other side desperately trying not to arrrghh To say it got frustrating doesn't come close! Anyway, I didn't buy any cigs. I left with those chupa lollies and that was it.


hi guys..

this CT just not working for me..suffer from panic attacks/depression anyway and all got too much on evening Day 5 (as previously confessed!!) ..mind in seriously black place - partner about to cart me off to hospital:(

so gonna try Champix - when can get to Doc to get prescription.. Ten day wait for appt.:mad: Am hoping he'll let me have presc. without appt. - will find out tomorrow..

not back on my 25/day, just 2 or 3 - too many still I know.. but I am determined this will work..however many times I have to bite the bullet and head back to day one..

this forum is amazing - wish I'd known about it before..

you guys in Team D-Day are fantastic, admire your strength and I will get there, if a little late!!:o



Ahhh Nicky you'll do it. Keep in touch and let us know how your going with your Champix.... will look out for ya.


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