No Smoking Day
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Getting a little easier

Day 38 and still going strong.

A summary of my experience to date:

Week one

OMG I feel excited, scared, cant stop thinking about having a cigarette. Constantly reaching for the biscuit tin:( Joined this forum and got some fantastic motivational tips which really help me along the way. Patches are way to much for me so switch to lozenges.

Week two

Thinking the urge for nicotine should be reducing by now but cant be because I am still feeding it. Go to my appointment with Nurse - from breaking the scale for CM am now at 6 - classified NON SMOKER. Feel great about myself. Join the Christmas Conquers on this forum.

Every where I go outside I can really smell smoke and think to myself - is that really what I used to smell like? Face my mother who smokes like a chimney - its either sink or swim - well I didnt just swim I raced and came out the other side more determined not to smoke.:D

Week three

That is it, no more NRT for me I need to completely break the habit. Decided to get healthier, started running - um well ok started to learn to run with C25K, skin is clearer, can smell better and now realised I dont like my food as spicy as I thought :eek:

Week four

Christmas here we come - easier than I thought and was SOOOO nice to actually taste the dinner for a change. oh no left to own devices for a few days whilst everyone goes back to work and bf has left his ciggies here. Really tempted climbing the walls since coming off the NRT. NO! ciggie in hand lighter in the other :confused:, thankfully the smell of the ciggie almost makes me sick and i tear it up and throw it away, log into this forum for support.

NYE - dreading it going for a dinner and dance at a hotel - think the urge to smoke tonight is going to be strong - NOPE not one thought about smoking. phew.

Week 5

Back at work, feel weird, not sleeping, not losing any weight, feel sick, no motivation, cant concentrate on anything - think I am going to get found out by work and only been there a couple of months. Log into this forum and my fellow quitters help me along. On the plus side no longer need to see the stop smoking nurse again.

Week 6

Best night sleep I have had in ages, weight (well still not put any on), feel more like me again and completely resolved NEVER to smoke again and as for the running - give me a few more weeks and I should be able to run 5k for the first time in my life. Me feel good.

Without each and everyone one of you on this forum I couldn't have reached this far, so thank you and long may it continue.

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That's a post from someone who has cracked it :cool:

The only things that can derail you now are thoughts during difficult times that "a smoke will help" or thoughts of "one won't hurt".

Don't get complacent and you'll be in the penthouse by next Christmas :D

Cracking stuff, well done!


Great post J23

Loved reading that :D

Well done you, you must be so proud of yourself.

Long may it last.....

....keep on running! :)

Take care



Aw thanks Captain really looking forward to the penthouse, heard it's lovely at Christmas time - not getting ahead of myself but can really envisage it this time around.

Thanks Nifty I am feeling proud of myself which is probably a first for me, I normally hide away rather than put myself out there.

Defo keeping with the running my goal this year is to go running around Sydney Harbour.:D:D


Defo keeping with the running my goal this year is to go running around Sydney Harbour.:D:D

never been but I'm sure it'll be a bit nicer than avonmouth...!!



never been but I'm sure it'll be a bit nicer than avonmouth...!!


mmm- just a little :p

You might be able to afford to go after a few more months of not smoking - I can thoroughly recommend it - my favourite place in the world.


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