Thought it would be getting easier!

I thought by now it would be getting easier but if anything I think the last couple of days have been the hardest yet. I know I don't need a fag but I desperately want one and it is so hard to keep fighting it. It doesn't help when you hear that people are struggling months down the line............I don't know that I can keep fighting that long. I am trying so hard to keep myself positive but have spent all morning in tears.

I'm going to take the dog away up the hills and hope that the fresh air blows all my negativity away.

Thanks for letting me moan.............sorry

Carol xx

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  • hey babe i ve been the same.after 2 hard days i woke up at 6 when hubby was leaving for work got really upset about something he said and then spent all morning in tears cause all i could think about is having a fag.and i love i havent been coughing all week or smelled of smokes,had to go out to have one but its so blooming hard!i called doctors and first appointment i managed to get is 7:30 am fridayto get more champix.back to work now and in pieces.i know what ur going through but pls stay strong im sure we ll regret it if we go back to day one again:( i cant wait to go away monday i ll be away from work and stressing and im hoping that will help out.hang in there,im right here with u xxxxx

  • hi caz,hi passenger

    hey you too.. it does get easier i found day 8 - day 10 probably the hardest time in the quit for some reason i couldnt understand?.. but once i hit day 10 & completed the day for some reason which again i cant explain it got easier & it does okay i have had crap days since & felt moody etc.. etc.. but not quite has intense as them 2 days? i was even questioning my abililty to do it, i was in a right strop & decided that it dosnt get easier you just get used to it (spitting my dummy out) but believe me it does get easier like i said the worries, upsets, problems, moods are still difficult but not has intense? keep going i am on day 15 now & if i can get to day 15 anybody can(of which it seems harder then previous quits coz i know its for keeps eg previous quits were coz of major money worries not because of wanting too deep down) x

    good luck n keep going rememeber you are not smoking just for today & look how quickly a day is over x

    hope this helps xx

  • Thanks guys.

    Just feel yesterday and today have just been the worst yet. My chest feels tight, I keep crying and I just feel like giving in.

    Don't worry passenger I wont leave you..............just finding it really hard. I foolishly believed that by day 10/11 we would be feeling better than this. Just seemed to have gone into this horrible place that at the moment I cant get myself out of.

    Carol x

  • Hi Carol and Passenger :D

    Whoa there it's still early days yet for you both but I promise you it does get easier all the time each day that you keep off the fags it gets better

    You just haven't noticed it yet is all hang in there please or you'll really regret it Promise

    All of us longer quitters have been where you're at now and most of us have felt exactly the way you're feeling even down to sitting and crying for no apparent reason and the simplest thing can set us off

    Have a read of the Trust Yourself thread I think it will really help you both

    Just hang in there you can do it Promise

    Love and a Big Hug for you both

    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks Marg I just read that post and yes it did make sense.

    Just want to feel better :)


  • Hi Carol :D

    Sorry you still feel so rough but you'll feel better very soon OK


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • If stopping smoking was dead easy it wouldn't be half the fun it is, would it? We have to go through the bad times to appreciate the good times more, and, remember we have got through the sticky times before so we can do it again. Remember, breathe in breathe out and don't do it through a fag. Give time time, it's bloody well worth it. David xxx

  • Yes come on please please hold on - I fell on Day 8 and for sure my first real problems srted on Day 6 but hung on then had 1 - and hey ho right the way back I went - you are still going up the ladders and I went down the snake !! I am quitting again on Friday this week and hoping to make a better fist of it - I identify with exactly where you are - the truth be told the first ciggy I had I thought was wonderful because I had talked myself into how good it would be and how much I needed it - the 2nd on a score out of 10 was probably about 6 because I was still in thinking mode of how much ncer it was to sit with my glass of red as I always had having a smoke - after that and I am being absolutely honest here they meant nothing - in fact just watching the exhalation of the smoke was pretty hideous - in hindsight wish I had just binned them there and then but no - I had relapesd in my mind so just carried on - this was last Friday. Then I decided I would do the famous one of " cutting down " that surely would be better than the amount I was smoking !! BUT I am well aware that 1 cig leads to another no matter how good my intentions might be - so I have tried to keep the ones I am smoking now to a minimum until I go cold turkey again on Friday !! I have had to wait as I have engineered a few days off early next week rather than sit trying to work and mal functioning !! Had great news though which I am sure will help in it's own little way - my Godson is coming down on Sunday and staying until Weds - don't see him that much - it will be lovely to have someone to talk to in the evenings and we will definitelly get out and about with my dog -hit a beach for walk etc. - generally stay busy and not feel lonely for few days - roll on Friday is all I can say - haven't slept beyond 5 a.m. since I started again - my body doesn't want this filthy drug back clearly !! Sorry to ramble but find it most cathartic and have stocked up on glucose tablets to help me with the low blood sugar problem which one of my worst symptoms for the days I had quit - the cravings I will deal with in the same way you have and I am determined I won't be beaten this time - think I have learned quite a lot from my failed attempt and from all the comments and help on here !!

  • Keep going, you can do it. No, you are doing it. I know from your posts that you can continue as a quitter. I'll meet you at the top of Arthur's Seat to blow away the cobwebs. Come on up. Can you see me? Fancy a bite to eat in Guillianos at the top of Leith Walk when we've managed to stumble our way back down? Hope you're feeling even a smidgen better. :) xxxxx

  • think I have learned quite a lot from my failed attempt and from all the comments and help on here !!

    I'm sure I have learned from you and others who have dipped their toe into the water again HaH, and, it's down to these posts mostly that keeps me smokefree. Thanks. David

  • It doesn't help when you hear that people are struggling months down the line...........

    Don't think about months down the line. Think of now and getting through the next minute, hour, day.. whichever you feel most comfortable with. Also don't think of other people, no two people are the same. If you start going down the 'well they couldn't do it so how can I?' road then margareth will have to trip you up with those steel-capped boots I've heard a lot about.

  • I am trying to hold on to the quote on one of these posts " you have only failed if you stop trying " and I am for sure better prepared this time and at leat kind of know what is coming in the first few days !! Thanks to all of you and look forward to being without the smokes very very soon again !!

  • i can barely cope today already bursted in tears AT WORK,feel horrible and find it hard to stay together.everyone says ist getting easier and i appreciate it but when after 3 months, the mean time i turned into someone i dont know and find it hard to even get on with work.

  • Hi passenger

    Feeling the exact same as you. I just dont recognise who I am. My chest is so sore I think I'm maybe getting a chest infection. I can cope with the not having a fag but like you it's how i'm feeling I cant cope with. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for us..........we cant give up now.

    If I have one now I will never give up again as I will never put myself through the last 11 days I know I cant have one.

    Love and hugs

    Carol xxxxxxxxx

  • hey caz,yes the worst bad,i feel like@,just wanna crawl into a hole and cry.cant wait for monday and to go away for a bit i think itd do me good.its so weird its not craving for a smoke that much id almost have a smoke just to be bit more normal,been absolutely miserable cant cope:( i dont wanna go back to 20 a day either but this is hell at the moment,ist like wer on drugs or something xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Carol and Passenger :D

    Please ignore this moron [shahnoor] sounds like he may be pissed or something

    Just hang in there you will get through this bad bit very soon now

    Carol if you think you have a chest infection go to the Dr for help


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi marg

    Yep i'm hanging in there.............don't worry I'm not going to give in to the demons :mad:

    My son just talked me into making a cherry we have just done it and put it in the oven.......only prob now is we have to wait 2hours but i'll enjoy a nice warm bit with a cup of tea so that will make me feel better. It's my mums recipe and she used to make me and the kids one if we were feeling down. She's one of the reasons that my sis and I are giving up smoking we lost her to cancer 3 years ago. Missing her badly just now which prob isn't helping my mood any.

    Passenger where are you off to on Monday? Somewhere nice I hope :D

    Carol x

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