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seems to be getting easier

week 3 still no ciggy seems to be getting easier the supprt from this forum helps

havnt eaten to much to feed the habit as i dont want to gain weight and then start smoking again to get the weight down

thinking of doing some training this week maybe invest in a bike or running or something to see if i can feel any better as at the moment i dont feel any better at all

thanks for the support people im going to keep going for another week

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Hi Raymond,

Well done on getting to week three. Putting on a bit of weight is something a few of us have struggled with. But I'd rather that than smoke again.

I was at a "do" a couple of nights ago - there was a woman there who had to keep leaving the room due to her hacking cough, she apologised and looked a bit self-conscious about it. Then, when there was a break she took out a pack of cigs and headed outside for a smoke!

And she was on the large side too!! So she was a big smoker in both meanings of the word. I'd rather be a big NON smoker than a small smoker.



Hi Raymond :D

Three weeks is great well done you, I'm really pleased to hear that it's getting easier for as well just hang in there, it gets even better yet and very soon you'll feel the benifits as well


marg xxxxxxxx


Hi Raymond!

And it will continue to get easier! Yes there still will be times when you might consider sneaking the odd ciggie, but those times become fewer and fewer and certainly much less intense.

In fact you will soon (if you haven't already) be thinking - how come I didn't do this sooner - it isn't so bad and I can do it!


Hi everyone thank you for the continued support

took a step up and started to do some training ie started to play football again which absoulute killed me on thurs

found friday of this week the toughest since i packed it in dont know why but could have quite easily started again but will power determination kept me going


hi Raymond

glad to hear it gets easier in week 3, I'm about to go into it.

About weight gain - I really wouldn't worry. If you just concentrate on eating when hungry and stopping when full it should do the trick. Sometimes smokers turn to fags when bored, annoyed, etc .... this can get replaced with food. If you find this, just ask yourself if food is going to fix the problem. Usually not. Then you get creative finding what will fix the problem.

And taking up sport's good - I took up cycling, it prompted me to give up and I'm doing the London to Brighton tomorrow :)

take care



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