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not getting easier yet :(

So pleased to be sat here on my third smoke free day, but God it's a struggle at the mo! I so desperately want to go and get some cigs and smoke the whole damn pack!

Still working out when i get a bad craving. Muscles are sore, and still feel very tense, but figuring I'll be a damn site fitter when this is over. Also i read an article that says you're more likely to suceed in quitting if you exercise, so that's helping me stay positive.

Hoped would feel better today though, bit disappointed :(

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Don't let it get to you - I was feeling the same recently - but I keep reminding myself, what's a few days of feeling shite when compared to a whole lifetime of feeling better?

You can do this. Stick with it.

And I have to say, you're doing better than me re the exercising, I'm soooo impressed!



Well Done

You are doing great. 3 days is tough (especially without NRT) so if you have got this far I am sure you can keep it up. Take it a day at a time and when you get through the weekend (and I'm sure you will), hopefully it will start to get a bit easier.

Look forward to reading your (still not smoked) update next week.


If you want to quit stay in the positive mind set! :D go and do something anything gto change your thought pattern. You are NOW an non smoker, go and live life, forget smoking it's in the past. Exercise get physical, piut some music on clean clean clean the house lol. Just keep going it DOES get much much easier.


This is a good post, about the three day/three week/three month mark:


Thanks all!

I'm trying. At the moment I can't think about NEVER smoking again, so I just tell myself I won't smoke today, each day.

I don't want to cave in as I have felt horrid since i quit and it would be a waste to go through that for nothing. Anyway, I know that when I start to feel better it's gonna be great.

The exercise is just a way of coping that works for me at the mo. I put MCR's Danger Days on the stereo LOUD and get on the stepper with my weights. By the time my legs are sore, the craving has passed.

I reckon if I carry on like this I'll have thighs like a Brazilian pole dancer :D

I know the weekend will be easier because OH and my eldest will be home so I won't have the option. Because I'm alone with my one yr old at the mo, I know I coukld easily go the shop. I won't though, don't worry :)

Off to scrub the bathroom tiles now, Lakeland order just arrived, quite excited about new cleaning x sad cow eh? x


Thanks H, that was an interesting read. Very helpful too :) xx


Bring on the brazillian pole dancer thighs!!!!!


Haha x That'll be a pretty good bonus eh? :)


...3 days is tough (especially without NRT)

I'm intrigued... :rolleyes:


I'm intrigued... :rolleyes:

eh? :confused:


Hi fabulouskilljoy

I think what Geebls6 means is Nicotine is out of the system in 3 days then its a case of dealing the habit/pyschological part. Whereas with NRT nicotine is in the system until the NRT isn't used anymore.

austinlegro on the other hand (I think) belives very much in the Alan Carr Easyway which dosen't support the use of NRT.

It's just people use different methods to quit there is no right one or wrong one just what works for that individual. The only thing we have in common as quitters is that we are quitting and using this forum for support and to support others.

I hope you are feeling better about your quit and you are right to think one day at a time take baby steps, they will soon mount up.

Keep strong

Tinks xx


No I don't think it matters which method people use as long as it works for them.

If NRT works for some people, that's great. I personally can't see the logic in using nicotine to quit nicotine...:confused: but that's just me and doesn't mean it's wrong to use NRT. I happen to think it's a money-making scam...

Anyway, back to the matter at hand...I think I'm starting to feel a little better, although I still would like a cigarette (NOW!) and am having constant arguments with myself in my head, I'm sure I won't crack. Earlier I thought I might, so that feels like progress. :) x


Am very ratty tonight. Everything OH says or does is pi**ing me off. Want to strangle him. Really tired too. Gonna go work out for a bit, have a shower and go to bed :( x


I read Allan Carrs Easyway but I am not going CT. What it did give me was a different angle on smoking which has helped. In an ideal world I guess we would all go CT as in the long run it is easier but I can't. Tried & am using lozenges. I still recommend it to read as am a great beleiver in changing the way you think about things. It is certainly making this a less painfull experience.

Hope this makes sense.

Gaynor x


Yeah I understand what you're saying. I've tried NRTs a number of times and they just don't seem to work for me, that's why I decided to go CT this time.

I did read Allen Carr's book (many moons ago) and found it helpful, but it's hard to keep that positive frame of mind going. I feel really low tonight. Tried to sstay out of the way by going tidying the bedroom, but OH came up to complain I was making noise, so now I'm all wound up again :(


Am tempted to say tell him to f off, oh I did lol.

You do what you need to do. This is your life you are endevouring to change & you deserve all the help to do that. When I was trying to lose weight my OH complained about he noise of my step machine upstairs so I stopped using it. Now I am fat, well that wasn't the only reason lol. The fact is I would not stop now I would say live with it!!!!!

Re read that book, if it doesn't make the same impact look for something else. read peoples posts on here when they are strong at the start of there quits. I have re read some of my posts at the start of my quits & thought S**t was that me, yes it was.

In the meantime, if you need to tlak I will be here for a while yet.

Do this for you hun, no one else just you. Remember you as a eprson are the most important thing xxxxx


Aw thanks hun x

He's just come in pestering me. I think he fels bad because I'm going through hell to quit, and he's still smoking. Anyway, I told him to go away and leave me alone. I'm going back on my stepper, and I'm putting my music on, and he can beggar off if he thinks it's too loud! LOL x

I'm finding it very helpful talking on here, it gives me a boost when I feel close to cracking.

It's good hearing from people who are further down the line as it reassures me that it won't always be this hard.

Hope you're doing okay tonight and still enjoying the vino :D xx


Vino??? Oh yes lol.

I find this forum helps to keep me strong by (hopefully) helping other people. The more I answer other peoples problems or feelings helps any I may feel also.

You get on that stepper, turn the music up, do what ever you have to do to get through it & make you feel better. Small price to pay for a long & healthy, wealthy life :) xxx


Damn right! :D

well, you're def helping me, feel loads better already!

Off to pound those weights now...grrr!



Did I hear wine & music mentioned? Does that mean we r having a PARTY :D I am glad you r feeling better Hun xx


Yes! A smoke free party!!!!!

I can't sleep but it's ok cos me babs is up with a cough and cold :(

Still got MCR oon the stereo, and mega sore legs from the stepper, feelin ok at the mo though :)


I think what Geebls6 means is Nicotine is out of the system in 3 days then its a case of dealing the habit/pyschological part. Whereas with NRT nicotine is in the system until the NRT isn't used anymore.

austinlegro on the other hand (I think) belives very much in the Alan Carr Easyway which dosen't support the use of NRT.

Alas it's the natural cynic in me.

3 days is tough if that's what you wish. It's also really easy, if that's what you wish.

(especially without NRT) has no relevance to the statement!

3 days is tough (especially impaled on a spike) works though...

Newbies that quit using patches are fine. Maybe even niquitin patches. At a push niquitin clear patches, but niquitin clear 24hr 21mg patches has my pharma radar jumping off its brackets.



I agree with you Austin. I dislike the idea of NRT, although I have used it in previous attempts to quit. That says it all I think :)

This quit has gotten easier since I have started to feel more positive about it, so it really must be a case of mind over matter.

However, should I happen to be impaled on a spike, and have a cig handy, I'm gonna blummin well smoke it ;)


don't don't DON'T give in!!!

Hi there, and don't don't DON'T give in!!! I've just done 48 hours and so far so good. This is maybe the tenth time I've given up, and each time, I've learned something. So I wrote down some thoughts/rules, and each time I get the urge, I read them again - partly to re-convince myself, but also to remind myself why I'm stopping. And reading it is a distraction from the urge! Good luck, Jeremy

1.What do you want to be: a smoker or a non-smoker? There’s only one or the other.

2.There is no such thing as just one cigarette

3.Smokers envy non-smokers

4.I stopped smoking because I do not want to smoke any more;

5.I will not start to smoke again, because I do not ever want to become a smoker again

6.“Smokers never have coughs, they just have permanent colds and headaches”

7.If you’re miserable because you want a cigarette, you’ll be even more miserable if you have one;

8.You know stopping smoking was the correct decision, so never doubt it;

9.The body doesn’t crave nicotine – only the brain;

10.Nicotine addiction is easy to overcome; much harder is 40 years of brain conditioning that tells you “smoking makes you feel good”, so start conditioning and convincing the brain that the opposite is true at every chance; BE CONVINCED

11.Every day without a cigarette makes it better

12.When you stop smoking, you are not making a sacrifice – the opposite;

13.Be convinced – isn’t it wonderful that I don’t smoke any more?

14.Don’t think negatively “I’m not allowed to smoke”. You’re not denying yourself anything good; be positive, congratulate yourself – thank god I don’t smoke - and see 4 above;

15.Why spend the rest of your like craving for a cigarette and being miserable? If you do that, you’ll be miserable if you don’t smoke, and even more miserable if you do.

16.Why spend the rest of your life craving for something that you desperately hope you will never have?

17.Never doubt the decision to quit – you know it was the right decision

18.When you see a smoker, pity them, don’t envy them;

19.You haven’t “given up something good” – you’ve saved yourself from a disease

20.Be a happy non-smoker.

21.If you’re reading this, maybe you’re suffering or being tempted. In 5 minutes you’ll be fine – even better because you resisted – and you can carry on being a happy and stronger non smoker. The alternative should be too awful to contemplate. If you start smoking again, then for the rest of your life you’ll go on suffering the distress of knowing you’re too weak to give up;;

22.Remember there was no real pleasure in smoking, just temporarily getting rid of the craving. Having to smoke was often a drag. Remember having to stand outside in the rain at the party? Or having to run out of a meeting for a quick gasp and returning later, stinking?

23.Don’t envy other smokers. They envy me.

24.You did not enjoy being a smoker. That’s why you stopped smoking. Just enjoy being a non-smoker.

25.You know that stopping smoking was the right decision.

26.Who’s the boss????????????????


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