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No Smoking Day
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It gets so much easier

Hi all, It's been quite a while since I've been on, and it's good to see some familiar names have maintained their quit - well done all!

Here's a message for anyone who's wobbling at the moment:

It's just over nine months since I quit, and I've got to say that it is so much easier now than it was in the beginning. I can go several days in a row now without thinking about smoking once - several days!!!.

9 months ago I couldn't go 5 minutes without thinking about it, and I just couldn't believe that it would ever be any different.

Well it is different, and it will become different for you too as you stick at your quit. So keep going, it really does get so much easier.

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Hello there Biggrin, long time no speak. I'm so pleased for you :)

I take it that you are now a grumble free zone then? :D

Seriously, well done on over 9 months mate, you've got this totally sorted now and will be in the Penthouse before you know it :)

I look forward to your year post.

Molly x


Hi Molly, nice to hear from you and well done yourself for staying quit.

You're right - not a grumble in sight, and I hadn't noticed until you said!

The penthouse suddenly seems quite close (I never thought I would be using the word "penthouse" in a post!) Looking forward to celebrating with you and the others when we get there - not long now.


and it keeps on getting easier

Well done Biggrin nice to see you posting. :D

Lostie, do you know if Nifty is still quit? I hope so and presume so but its been ages since he last posted.


Well pass on my best wishes to him when you're next in touch and I hope to see a penthouse post at least!


Max, Lostie and Nic - thanks, and nice to see you all too. :D


Nice to hear from you Biggrin, glad to hear Nifty's still going strong too :D


Well done you. :)

It really does get easier. I'm starting to forget the smoker that I was.


Missed my ten month milestone as i was away .. and its nearly ELEVEN

Well done and thanks to fellow stoptoberers and everyone else




Very encouraging for us at the start of our journey thank you it did make me smile when I thought of 9 months you are now reborn.


Actually, I do believe it is 10 months today for you Biggrin!!

And another month bites the dust, hmmm or is that ash :D

Congrats grumble free zone

Molly :)


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