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Day 2 again (cold turkey)!

I stopped for 14 days in December then smoked on Christmas Eve, started again for 6 days, then stopped again for 6 days, then smoked again on Saturday. So this makes it Day 2. I think December was a bit easier because I was off work taking 2 weeks annual leave. I don't really want to smoke today at all, but I just feel like crying!!!! I'm trying not to get too upset and have been exercising, but I just feel so down.

Has anyone else had a similar feeling after stopping smoking?

I suspect a trip to the doc's might be called for. I don't like the idea of medication, but at the same time don't want to be smoking.

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Hello fingers crossed, hang in there, it'll get better really soon.

It's an emotional roller coaster for a while but it does calm down.

I know there are a few on here that this happened to and they found taking vitamins helped. I can't remember what it was they took but hopefully one of them will pop on and let you know.

Exercise is good too. I found walking in the fresh air always made me feel more positive.

Just be kind to yourself and take it one day at a time. Post as much as you can and read as many old and current posts as you can.

Stay strong and stay with us

Molly x


You obviously want to stop and we have all had our trials and tribulations over the first days......while our brain goes into shock..... but when I have had the craving over the last week I come on this site and get support from others......this has definatly helped me.....

Be positive and hope to hears your threads over the coming months.....


hi fingers crossed

Nice to meet you but sorry to hear your having a tough time. Hopefully it passes real fast and your back on top form soon :-)

Maybe some NRT would help? I'm using gum, and only 2/3 per not really much. And I think they must be keeping my mood intact! As I've not been sad, or weepy or even too irritable. I've had a few tiffs with my bf but it normally ends up with us bursting out laughing!

You've come to the right place for support. And hopefully we can help you get through this tough time. Keep up the exercise as certainly for me, exercise keeps me happy and it like bursts all the stress out my body and mind, and puts me in a really healthy frame of mind.

Best of luck with your quit



Lozenges worked for me!

I broke a tablet in half...placed under tongue to get that edge off!

Try this and see what happens! Good luck! :D


Hi Fingers crossed , hang on in there honestly lots of us felt like that first few days and still have bad moments but it will pass, dont be shy of using something to help you gum patches what ever it takes just dont have a cig.

you can do it!


Hi fingers crossed, welcome back. Though you've slipped up it is clear that you definitely want to quit, keep strong, you can do it xx


Hiya, Congratulations on deciding to quit and be free of the horrible smoking disease.

I quit by using Allen Carr's Easy Way to stop smoking. The reason i quit was because my girlfriend was going on at me as she hated cuddling upto me after going for one.

I had no real intention of quitting, i thought il quit for a few days show iv tried and start again. (she'd think at least he's tryed haha)

So anyway, i read the Allen Carr's easy way finished it at 23.45 after having my "last cig". I thought il go to bed and probs have one with my work break at the coffee shop in the morning like we do everyday.

When i woke up i was shocked that i didnt actually want to smoke. Something clicked that hadnt before.

Im now on day 5 and im not finding it hard at all. The reason people find it hard to quit smoking is because they honestly think they are missing out on something by stopping when in fact you are not. Its an amazing and wonderfull thing stopping smoking and its the poor smoker that is losing out not the non smoker.

Try read the book or download the audio book. It makes quitting so much easier. I wouldnt be on day 5 without it belive me, id of been for a cig right now on my break!

Hope this helps

Mr Ward


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