Cold Turkey Day 2

Well I got through day 1 :) day two is a very different one this time to the last attempt, last time day two brought huge cravings and not much feeling off, today was the other way around, cravings where not big, but tight chest, cough and a sickly feeling which was taking away the hunger from day one but I can feel It coming back, although I feel horrible I've got like a weird sense of happy that I'm over the first off a few hurdles.

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  • Thanks karri, works helping a lot as I work nights on my own and once I'm there I can't move anywhere anyway which helps, starting to feel a bit better than my starting post in this thread :)

  • Well done Steel you are doing really well :D

    You will have lots of ups and downs but stick with it and it gradually eases off.

    Good luck with the rest of your quit :cool:

  • Thanks, after a day of weak one's I had a major craving about 15 mins ago that just came from nowhere, seemed last for ages but was prob a few mins, luckily im in work and have no access to any form of smoke:)

  • Time perception is altered in the first few days when you quit smoking so each minute feels like a hour!!!

    What I found to work for me was to accept that I was having a craving rather then try to distract myself. I would make myself very aware of the time just so I could prove to myself it only lasted a couple of minutes and I would remind myself that it was only a craving, it couldnt hurt me and it would end soon. That seemed to help them disappear really quickly. A few deep breaths helped too :D

  • Good thinking, if you know your not going to spark up, accepting the craving should i reckon get you used to it therefore weakening the craving long term, if that makes any sense, this forum doesn't half help me though, in a odd way it doesn't really make me think of smoking but takes away urges by typing about them, dunno why.

  • I also thought of my craving as a little monster...kinda like Captain Caveman if you ever watched that lol Whenever I had a craving I just thought of it as him having a temper tantrum which just made me laugh at it. It was almost like the more I tore my hair out the worse the craving would be but if I laughed at it and accepted it then it would go really quick....hope that makes sense :eek:

    This forum has been great for me. I have found that reading EVERYTHING on quitting smoking really does help to prepare you for what to expect. Everyone has different experiences but if you know what you might end up experiencing helps a lot - especially with all the extra stuff you get too like the colds, coughs etc

  • Yes, it also helps everyones looking for the same goal as well ;)

    Yes Captain Caveman wad about when i was a lot younger :D:D

  • Keep it up.

    If you've looked at the reasons for the cravings, you are most of the way to getting them beat.

    The only thing that causes the cravings is nicotine itself. So by going cold turkey, once the nicotine is out of the system, the cravings become irrelevant. I know it's a bitch at the moment, but if you can stick it out, it's such a great feeling to not need a smoke and within just a few weeks, it'll start to get there!. Keep at it!!

  • Well done from me to.

    My day starts tomorrow morning, no more cigs left now.

    All the best with your quit, you can do it.


  • Thanks Barney, your post is why I went cold turkey and yes it's hard, even though ive totally nothing against patches etc to help wean off the nicodevil i just got the bull by the horns, maybe not everyones cup off tea but tomorrow afternoon is my day 3 and i can't see me caving before then, tonight the cravings are strong in effect compared to earlier but im starting to build a decent determination now ive gone through day one and have put up all todays/nights craves although im dog tired.

  • Thanks Joan & good luck :)

  • One point.

    Dont say you "can't see you caving by tomorrow". You can't see you caving "EVER!!"

    Believe that you will never smoke again. You're not losing anything remember..

    And you never have to do these 2 worst days again.. Great effort so far!

  • Thanks all and keep going all.

  • Well done!!

    Hey steelfixer, I agree with Karri :D And well done you, cold turkey is awesome!! And by now all the nicotine is mostly out of your body!! My doctor said 48 hours anyway. So don't worry about day 3, just feel proud of yourself.

    Zoe xx

  • Thanks Karri & Zoemac, i don't just do steelfixing i sometimes do security guard dog work for my mates company, just means once im at my post type of thing i can't leave it and i can't see the guard dog pulling out 20 regal kings and asking for a light :D:D:D

  • Glad to see your still so postive :D how did you sleep?

  • Awfull, i got about 1 hr plus about 1 hr drift, i know i was up at least 4 hrs early.

  • Ahh not good :( mind you all your posts last night sounded like you was hypo are you drinking coffee or coke or anything with caffine in? If you are then you need to stop drinking it about 6/8hours before you are going to bed drink water instead are you working all night again?

  • :D

    I'm a mod/admin on another type of forum (not smoking) and i generally post well, and yes it's 23.22 U.K time and I'm working till 6AM, i can put up with the sleep thing as long as i don't have a fag, i'll get that tired over the nights i'll fall asleep normally soon in the day anyway, i hope, I'm naturally a bit of insomniac but today's lack of sleep was definitely caused by the lack of cigs/nico.

    oh sorry I'm a coffee drinker as well.

  • Busy busy then you need to learn to wind down and relax

    Im a long term insomniac for over 10 years now i get some nights that i can sleep for more then an hour at a time but my normal sleep pattern is snatches berween 20/40 mins at a time ive learnt not to get stressed out or clock watch and since i got my new smart phone i dont even have to sit on the computer like i used to i play alot of online games to help pass the hours

  • Use the phone to help the sleep kick in without having to move so you can just nod off again :) getting some cravings now, prob as I've a coffee and tbh ive still got around another 15 or so hours before i reach 48 hrs and can kick the door down for day 3 so i still have a lot of work to do over the weeks/months as I'm still on first base, but as least I've started the game :)

  • :D well it will soon come round i think by by the time you finish in the morning you will sleep through the rest as long as you keep your reasons in mind for quitting and dont let your guard down you will do it

    Onwards and upwards is the way to go

    Im gunna go play some games chat later if i dont fall asleep

  • Aye, Onwards and Upwards :D

  • Small up date, cravings are coming quick but are weak again, back of my throat is starting to feel flemmy but if i cough forward nothing happens.

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