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No Smoking Day
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Ready Set: Dinner-Drinks-Post Quit Yikes!!

:D Well just got back from an early dinner and drinks and I managed to make my way through it pretty decently lol.

I tried going to a regular hang out "Applebee's" but had to leave PDQ because I am waaayyyyy to used to sitting outside on the patio smoking and that was really bothering me so had to get outta there quick!!!

Headed over to Chili's (no patio) and things went pretty well!! I was cool with a couple of beers no smokes, definitely ate more ;) but that's ok. A little dicey on the way back to the car, really had a strong craving then but just white knuckled through it.... :(

Took the BF along, he was great, quite supportive actually and turns out he re-joined the gym earlier in the day, way to go, I was really happy about that. Got to have a real nice conversation after a really tense week together. Whew really thought on day 2? we were done so maybe some good stuff on the horizon, we'll see. I mentioned in earlier post that he is one of those rare people that can take or leave cigs anytime at will. (Yes that really is maddening) however he has quit with me January 1 but doesn't quite get the big deal of quitting. He just stops period end of story. So I have been trying to get across to him that this is a HUGE deal to most of us blah blah blah !!!

Still going CT but I may end up using the patches since I have them. Not sure yet, have to see how I do in the next few days. I would really like to remain nicotine free BUT I am not going to screw my quit over the point so I will just have to see how that is going to shake out.

I hope everyone managed to have a good day with a few deeper breaths and a bit less anxiety...... I know I did.

As always I want to tell everyone how helpful your posts are and I know with 100% certainty I would NOT have gotten this far without all the support here. :)

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Way to go Sherri

Sounds like things are starting to sort themselves out at home....you could do with some peace in the early days of your quit.

Don't you just get wound up by people who just stop.....pfff!

It's a seismic change for most of us.....for others it's like changing their socks!

Would be a boring place if we were all the same though... :)

You're sounding really positive Sherri...long may that last.....and it should last as long as you want it to.

Well done getting though the week....top girlie :)

Take care



Good evening Sherri......glad you have been out in the lad of temptation......bars.....and refrained.......I think all the little steps we take now build up to the big heave-ho of nicotine..... well done......

I have yet to go to the pub........slam several pint down my neck and look at the others saunter outside for a CIG while the cigarette machine grows a face and starts talking to me.......think I will leave that till next weekend......

In fact come to think about it I have subconsciously avoided the shops since 1st Jan........

Well done for today and stay smoke free with me.....:)


hi. I know where you comeing from. my husband used to smoke. one day he just stopped no craving or anything he sounds like your oh. I didn't tell mine I was quitting as I know what he would say. no bloody help . he not said anything to me about it.

keep going and say sod him.


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