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Anyone set to quit tomorrow 22nd August?

Hi all

I'm going to ditch the weed tonight and go with NRT I think, felt really positive all last week but am getting more and more nervous and dreading it which I know is normal and I just have to take the leap, been putting this off for far too long so is anyone else thinking tomorrows the day? Want to join me?


Just realised tomorrow is 23rd August - D'oh

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Go for it.

Hi Jane

Just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow. I felt exactly the same the night before i gave up which is coming up nearly a month .now

Have had good days and some bad but defo getting easier, and feeling alot healthier.

This sight has been really helpful for me. When i have felt down there was always someone to encourage me and to cheer me up and when i am feeling good i can hopefully help others who are having a rough time.

So you go for it tomorrow and wish you lots and lots of luck and encouragement. You can do it. Speak again soon i,m sure.

Best wishes Joy.


Yep i am :)

What are you using?

iv got inhaler and lozengers :)


Hi Jane....A very big good luck for tomorrow ...For your day 1 ..Ill be looking for you post & we are all with yer matey...Good on yer :)


Argh......didn't manage it :mad::mad:

Daughter woke me up at 4am after having a nightmare then I couldn't go back to sleep because of the rain so was thoroughally fed up before the day even started.......tomorrow's another day!

Emma -all the best! I'll be looking for you tomorrow hopefully!



Never mind

Aww what a shame that your quit didn't start yesterday. When are you thinking of another? Let us know and we will be here to help. You'll know when it feels right.



Thanks Becky, hoping for within the next few days, today just didn't do it for me but then again I know there's never a right day!




Hi Jane

Sorry your quit today didn't work out......mine neither! Lasted 4 hours and the nicotine monster just wanted more!

Tomorrow is another day.........and I'm going for it tomorrow cold turkey.

We can do this...........want to join me?!


Now it's tomorrow!

Hi all,

Well date didn't go to plan so I'm going for it tomorrow, Monday 30th August.....

Really want to do this and have been reading everything I can get at and am sooo fed up smoking.....BUT why am I already miserable and DREADING tomorrow? Hate to think what I'm going to be like as I do suffer with feeling low sometimes, am going down the NRT route so patches and lozenges.....Any tips on how I can feel happier about the whole thing and not end up being such a witch to hubby that he'll want a divorce? :mad:

Thanks, Jane


Hi, lots of that feeling is you building it up in your head. You need to embrace it. Enjoy the craves. If you're craving, you're not smoking. thats a positive thing! Check out the woofmang tales. They can give you a very good mental insight into what you are about to embark on. They also have lots of logical reasons for why you may be feeling like you need to smoke and how to combat it. Good luck and try to start tomorrow on a positive note!


Thanks Fiona, what you say makes sense, i go from being quite excited one minute to a wreck the next, crikey I've been in this place so many times funny how quick you forget!

Can I ask whether you did the whole course of patches? also I've been put on the 25mg patches and wonder whether they will be too strong? Have looked at my cigs and if I smoke 20 a day I only take in way less than half of that???

Still you have done fantastic and I hope to be where you are soon and able to offer others support....

Thanks again, Jane


mine didnt go to plan either.. new quit date is 1st september :)


Hey Emma

Crap isn't it? I was looking out for you!

See you soon,



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