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83 Days!

Hi all,

This is my first time posting although I have been reading along for each step :)

All the posts have been a fantastic help so a big thanks to you all!

I have been doing really well in my quit and haven't had many cravings apart from the 3rd day until I well and truly ran headfirst into a wall yesterday. I had the day off work and was wandering about London when I saw a tobacconist's and had to literally force myself to walk on by!

I've been smoking for 5 years and was starting to creep up to the 20 a day mark, and have quit twice- once using Champix and once using patches, neither of which worked for me. I went Cold turkey and read Alan Carr and haven't looked back... until yesterday!

I just keep telling myself this is normal and the cravings will go away eventually but as it's been plain sailing so far it's so tricky!

Any help/advice very much appreciated!

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It's perfectly normal for this to happen. The same thing happened to me about a week ago. Normally I can look at the cigs and don't give them a thought but I was stopped in my tracks in Tesco and it was only the fact that they didn't have my brand that stopped me buying a pack and I haven't had a puff for 6 months.


Thanks Una- it helps so much to hear this from someone who has gone through it too!


I'm still finding triggers., Just finished all the christmas wrapping after a mammoth session. Seemed odd doing that without fag breaks. Not in an addicted kind of way, but in a habit kind of way.

Got by with carrot cake and copious caffeine.


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