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No Smoking Day
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83 Days and £400 and 6 extra days of life

Hi everyone,

The title says it all!!!

If I can do it after so many, many failed attempts you can do it too.

I am having a really bad time at work at the moment & would normally have caved in, what has made it different this time I don't know. Just my time I guess. Don't be disheartened if you fail a quit, it happens, we all know that. Just pick yourself up again when you are ready, try again & again & again, just like me & one of those quits will be YOUR time too :D

Wishing all my friends, fellow quitters & those I have not spoken to yet all the best in their quest for a healthy, happy, smoke free life.

Love as always,

Gaynor xxx

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Hi Gaynor :D

83 days that's great Big Hug for you well done

So sorry to hear you're having a bad time at work just now but well done not giving in


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


You go girl :D

Aren't you clever..................well done you should be really proud of yourself.

There is hope for all us newbies :)

love Carol




Thank you Marge, your an ever shining star :)

Thanks Carol, your not a newbie hun, just reborn :D:p

I am not clever, just lucky this was my time to quit ;)

Love, hugs & all that jazz. Gaynor xxx


Well done :D Your going strong!! You can do this and you know it ;) I'm wishing you all the best!


What can I say but Well done? A fantastic Post Gaynor, no wonder you're grinning! An inspiration to the rest of us that we can beat this trap too - Thanks

Love n Light


Be strong

Hi Ozzy,

Thank you, my strength is your strength :p

Love Gaynor xx


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