Darling non-smoking wife finds cure!!!

My word!

My wife has never smoked and yet her insight in to the addiction astounds me constantly!

I had a pretty bad afternoon today :( felt set back a few weeks but I got through it and feeling good again. :D

(Do you think it's worse after you've had a good few days? I do.)

So anyway ... in the discussion she says ....

(bear in mind she has never read Allen Carr or any stop smoking guide/site).......

"You're doing it. You're getting through it. You don't NEED to smoke. It's a prison (that one impressed me!) .... How can you ever be happy when smoking controls every aspect of your life?......"







......."That's my job!" ...... silence!

Sighhhhhhhhhh! :rolleyes:


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  • Yeah she did good. Get her a christmas present!

  • Your wife sounds fab

    :D Well said Mrs Nifty :D

  • I like Mrs Nifty, knows what she's talking about ;):D

  • Yeah she did good. Get her a christmas present!

    A nice big one with all the money you've saved from not smoking, she sounds a good un!!!!

  • Honestly lostie

    On my life,

    Those were her exact words!!!

    As I said her insight is amazing!! pfffff!


  • wives

    Wives are generally very useful creatures.....

  • Mrs Greg fair play :D,

    You sure she not been reading Allen Carr on the quiet lol

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