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12 hours til New year, New non smoking me!!

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Anyone out there than can keep me sane over the upcoming days of me Quitting?

Im determined to do it, not sure whether to go down the cold turkey or patches route, Ive heard so many horror stories about both, and I want to succeed!, especially as my daughter keeps asking me to, my partner, a non smoker, hates my nicotine kisses, and because I so cant afford to, and the benefits on my health as we are trying for a baby,

Apologies for rattling on..........

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Hi there, and welcome to the forum.

There are plenty of us to help you on your new journey. Remember, we've all been where you are.

I've just made it into month 3 and feeling amazing about the new me. When things go wrong now I don't even want a cigarette to help me through.

Yes, I still get cravings, but they aren't that often now.

What seems like a nightmare in the early days soon dwindles as time goes on.

If you have an iPhone I highly recommend My Last Cigarette as an app to get. I look at it every day, and it really helps me to keep going,

Good luck to you!



Forgot to say: I used patches for the first 2 weeks and then stopped them and use an inhalator as and when I need to. I use one cartridge every 3 days, so it's only really when I am desperate that I use it. Quitting is so individual, so you may need to play around to find the right way for you.

hey there

maybe you should get the patches and some gum or lozenges . you might find a combination helpful. or maybe the patches and the inhalator . happy new year

hi there, new years day is my quit date too. I am using chamix to help me quit.

Had one attempt in 2011 and managed to quit for 3 months and really was surprised at how good I felt physically and mentally. thats gonna be a good motivation for me this time round.

good luck!

Hi Kaz,

Good luck with your quit :D

Its hard at first but it does get easier as time goes on. Time goes so slowly in the first few days but it does get better.

I am quitting for baby reasons also which is a really good motivator :D


Good luck :)

Hi Kaz,

Well done on making the best descision of ur life. Ur not giving up anything u will only be gaining in money, health and freedom.

U don't need to use any patches or nicotine replacements. If u go to my other post "For all new quitters" There are some videos and audio tape there that u can watch and after watching them u will be a free non smoker for life and it will be so easy.

U can do it :)

Hi Kaz,

Congratulations on starting the new year with a new you! I'd say good luck, but luck is not the issue - at the end of the day whichever method you choose to kickstart your quit it's all about the mental readjustment. You can do it!

In the next day or so you are going to see a whole raft of New Year quitters from 2011 coming on here to celebrate their anniversaries. This time next year it could be you. No, strike that, it WILL be you.

One day at a time. Keep posting here, it's a godsend!

Helen x

Thanks for all your messages of support and tips, much appreciated, feeling nervous as 12pm is approaching, been trying to ease off the ciggies all evening so its not going to come as much of a shock, and Im currently spending a few days at my boyfriends, who is a non smoker, and very supportive of my decition, so he is going to confiscate everything, so the temptation isnt there....fingers crossed!!!

Well, Good morning all, Happy New Year!! had my last one at 11.50 last night, and still coping ok...ish, got some chewy and trying to keep occupied so i dont think about it, got the feeling, 'I want one, i need to wake up properly', because it feels like a routine of my morning for the fast 20 years has been altered....but im determined Im not going to give in!!!

Plus im exited about stepping up to day 2 forum.....little things please little minds so they say haha

Well done Kaz - and welcome to a smoke free 2012! You CAN do this - and you've found the best quitting aid there is - right here! Let us know how you get on -


Currently on the 15th coffee of today, 4th chewy, mind playin tricks haha....the demon in me keeps popping up, just have one and carry on from there, and then the angel on the other side of my concience says you dont need to...you can do it, been cleaning with the boyfriend, and he kept asking me to do things or fetch things for him, and I started to get irritated, which is so unlike me, Im the calmest person ever!!! have a bit of a headache, but think thats because of late night...might go back to bed for an hour, make today pass by a bit quicker, 5 mins seems like an hour!!!

Also feel like am going on and chatting rubbish here, Im guessing this is what its for???

Hi Kaz, Well done on the first day of the rest of your life. good way to look at it with the angel. Post everything how u feel no matter how much it is or how stupid u feel let all of it out on this board.

I know what u mean when u say its long days... and it takes a little while to like it. B/c its shocking how much time smoking takes out of our lives so now we have all this free time todo something fun instead of feeling lethagic and feeding the habit.

Honestly, Im sitting here moaning about how much am craving, but....to be honest its not as bad as I though it would be so far, (watch me speak to soon) yes, Id love nothing more than to.....(dont even dare to mention the word!!!) but i feel, for about 10 reasons, I dont want to,

Ive been a smoker since I was 14, and horrifically, the past few years I have gone from 20 lamberts, to 40+ roll ups a day, due to proper cigarettes being not strong enough, and too expensive.....

at the moment I have a cold and cough, and my chest is so tight, throat so sore, and cough is so bad I have a headache, bringing up green dirty phlegm....i think, getting this last week was the definative 'I am going to do it', but I have been loosly saying, i will, im going to in the past few months....

I am a non smoker, as of today, Its surreal but a good feeling to be able to say that....early days, baby steps, but I want to succeed.

good luck Kaz :)

one little bit at the time

daizy x x

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