No Smoking Day
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Can't believe it...39 days tomorrow

It is amazing!

I am surprised, thrilled, proud.....

There are still moments, but they are decreasing by the day. I think that my energy levels are starting to pick up now.

If you read this and are just starting out or thinking about CAN do it...making that first step is that hardest thing.

I am now looking forward to a smoke free future. x

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Wow Shell, what a brilliant post.

You are doing fantastically well, it's brilliant reading how positive you are.

There'll be no stopping you now, all the way to the penthouse.

Keep on keeping on :)

Molly x


Big up the shell! :cool:

"Surprised, thrilled, proud" .... can the be any better way to promote quitting?

I don't think so...:)

Well done shell

Into infinity .... and beyond! :)

Take care



That's fab Shell, so pleased to see you posting and still going strong, a great act for me to follow (2 days behind) x


Well done!

Shell. You have done fantastic! Well done and you are quite right to be proud this is a big deal quitting smoking and you are doing it!:)


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